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Alumni 1995 - 1999

[Updated 3 June 2022]

Below are the profiles of the students who graduated from St John Henry Newman Catholic High School or as it was known in the 90's - Cardinal Newman Catholic High School - between 1995 and 1999.

The names in the list and the alumni profiles are arranged by family name in alpha order.
Alumnus Year​s at Newman
​Eric Bauza 1994 - 1997
​Julian De Guzman 1994 - 1997
​Dan Dumsha 1994 - 1999
​Adam Forbes 1991 - 1996
Blair Francey
1994 - 1998
Tricia Goulbourne ​1992 - 1997
​Michael Halder ​1994 - 1998
Sherylee Honeyghan 1995 - 1998
​Anne Marie King 1994 - 1998
​Patrick Kriss 1994 - 1999
​Bridget Macintosh 1992 - 1997
Francis Manapul 1994 - 1998
​Julius Manapul 1995 - 1999
Nicholas McCowan 1994 - 1999
​Michael Melling 1994 - 1998
Agnieszka (Mroszczyk) Paletta 1992 - 1996
Danny Raponi 1990 - 1995
​Jonathan Symington 1994 - 1998
​Andrea Thykootahil ​1993 - 1998
Eric Bauza 1994 - 1997

Eric Bauza attended Cardinal Newman High School from 1994 to 1997.  At Newman, he was a comedic character who was very much involved with the creative arts. He is currently a voice actor and artist in Hollywood.  Eric started his career in animation as a character designer working with a few production studios in California.  He delivered his first resume to a potential employer in the form of a giant fortune cookie! It was this introduction to the animation world that eventually led him to a successful career in voiceovers. Eric Bauza.JPG

Currently Eric is the voice of Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Marvin the Martian, Pepe le Pew and Woody Woodpecker. He also voices Lord Stingray on the Adult Swim show, Superjail!  Eric recently played Buhdeuce in Breadwinners and the title character in The Adventures of Puss in Boots.

His notable roles include Stimpy of Ren and Stimpy and Slip & Slide D’Peel of Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island. He also voices Rodolfo/White Pantera for El Tigre on Nickelodeon, Storm Shadow, Destro, and Tunnel Rat on G.I. Joe: Resolute, Razoff from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and The Professor and Pipo Monkeys in Ape Escape.

He is also working on his stand-up routine, and has performed at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles alongside Harland Williams.

                                          [14 December 2020]
 Eric was interviewed in early December by the Toronto Star and the article published on 13 December - here's the article's link
and below is a video interview of Eric on CBC's The National.

                                                    Update 3 June 2022

Eric Bauza UPFRONT  on CBC 2 June 2022 editted copy.png

                Julian De Guzman 1994 - 1997

Julian de Guzman attended Cardinal Newman from 1994 to 1997.  He is a Canadian soccer player who played for Toronto FC.  He joined the club in 2009 as its first Designated Player. Before joining Toronto FC, he had played nine seasons in Europe in France, Germany and Spain.
 Julian de Guzman CanMNT.PNG

In 2005 he signed for Deportivo de la Coruna in Spain, becoming the first Canadian to play in La Liga. In 2007-2008 Julian was voted Deportivo’s player of the year.


Canada versus Guatemala
He has played for both the Canadian U-20 and the Senior National Team.  Julian is currently the general manager of 
the Ottawa Fury.

                                                         [14 December 2020]

Julian de Guzman - update-  In 2020, Julian joined the newly formed club 1812 FC Barrie where he will serve as president and co-owner.

Dan Dumsha   1994 - 1999

Dan Dumsha was a student at Cardinal Newman from 1994 to 1999, where he was involved in the band, theatre productions and student council.  Currently Dan is both a professional improv comedian and a corporate leadership trainer.
Dan Dumsha 2014-10-14 - Checkered Shirt (138).JPG

He is a graduate of Queen’s University’s Drama program (BA,H) and Artist in the Community Education program (B.Ed) where he learned to be an artist who teaches. Before moving to BC, Dan taught drama and improv at the Claude Watson Program for the Arts with the Toronto District School Board.

He performs and teaches improv with Vancouver TheatreSports™ League, The Fictionals, and QueerProv. Dan performed in the 2010 Olympic opening ceremonies, has co-hosted OutlookTV on Shaw for four years, and writes a blog about improv called Wait, a Moment! Many of his characters are based on Merle Streep’s movie roles.

Dan is also a consultant based in Vancouver. He works closely with leaders at all levels including senior leaders and C-suite executives, delivering coaching and group courses. For Dan, the most important part of what he does is helping leaders make positive changes in their communication, which have a big impact on their lives and those around them. He draws upon his background in improvisation and the arts to help his clients develop a strong presence. Dan’s engaging presentation style offers flexibility and makes his interactions real and practical.

Adam Forbes  1991 - 1996
Adam Forbes was a student at Cardinal Newman from 1991 to 1996.  He was heavily involved in theatre at Newman, appearing in the productions of Into the Woods, Seven Stories and A Midsummer Night' s Dream.  Adam attributes his ability to speak persuasively in court on a daily basis and the development of his beliefs, values and critical thinking skills to his course work with Mr. McCabe and Mr. McBride and his theatrical training under Ms. Gatensby.
 Forbes, Adam.jpg

Adam  is an associate with Hicks Adams LLP. He articled with the firm and joined as an associate after his call to the Bar of Ontario in June of 2008. Adam graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2007 with an LL.B., having focused his studies in the area of criminal law. He spent his second year at Osgoode working for the Innocence Project, a clinical program in which students, under the supervision of faculty, examine the cases of individuals who claim to have been wrongfully convicted and, where feasible, reinvestigate and seek proof of the claim of innocence. 

Prior to law school, Adam completed a Masters of Arts in Criminology at the University of Toronto in 2002. He earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Political Science at the University of Toronto in 2000.

Blair Francey  1994 - 1998
Blair Francey attended Cardinal Newman between 1994 and 1998, where he was involved in drama, yearbook, the AV Club and Cabaret Voltaire.  He is the Executive Director and 
Co-founder of the Department of Imaginary Affairs and is currently the Senior Design at Trajectory Brands Inc.

 Francey, Blair.jpg

In August 2007, Blair established BFdesign, a boutique design agency offering branding, website design, marketing strategy and print design to a variety of organizations from small not-for-profit to large-scale educational institutions, including: Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation, Toronto Fringe Festival, The Chang School of Continuing Education (Ryerson University), Oakville Symphony, Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, Glenn Gould Foundation, and Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.
In 2012, Blair graduated with Distinction from Goldsmiths, University of London with a Masters of Arts (Design: Critical Practice). The program allowed him to explore his love of transit, civic-engagement and city-building through the development of two projects in particular; technology and narrative. This exploration culminated in his thesis project, Public Transit: Remixed, a look at designing a holistic transit system from an experiential, as opposed to an infrastructure, standpoint. He was selected as one of four finalists in the Global Engineering Innovation Challenge hosted by the Toronto chapter of Engineers Without Borders in March 2013 where he presented some of his ideas from Public Transit: Remixed to much enthusiasm.

Tricia Goulbourne  1992 - 1997

Tricia Goulbourne attended Cardinal Newman High School from 1992 to 1997. During her time at Cardinal Newman, she played on the softball team, was a member of the Yearbook Committee and Black Students’ Association as well as Student Council.
Goulbourne, Tricia.jpg

Currently, Tricia works for the Government of Canada, as a Director of Internal Audit Policy and Professional Practices. Tricia started her public service career as a student in the Human Resources Division at Canada Revenue Agency. In June 2010, she joined Treasury Board Secretariat in Ottawa Ontario, and has held various positions in the department over the last 8 years. 


 Michael Halder  1994 - 1999
Michael Halder attended Blessed Cardinal Newman between the years 1994 and 1999. Aside from his studies, he was an active member of the Reach for Top club and the Newman Youth Service in Action Committee (formerly known as Newman H.E.L.P.S.).  He was also a key member of a number of initiatives to make Newman a better place for all. Halder, Michael.jpg

Among them was the Peace Garden project, which continues to serve as a refuge to reflect and re-connect with the natural world. He was among the first students to join the One Community Initiative that celebrated the cultural diversity of staff and students and worked to fight all forms of discrimination.

Following Newman, Michael set out to pursue an Honours Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto in International Development Studies and Environmental Science and a Masters in Environmental Studies at York University. Currently, Michael takes pride in his work as a Research and Planning Analyst with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change where he serves to protect the sources of our drinking water supply.


                             Sherylee Honeyghan  1995 - 1998

Sherrylee is a 1998 Newman graduate.  She was a member of the Jr then Sr. girls Volleyball team, grade 12 Student Council Rep ('97-'98), a member of the A Cappella group, chapel choir, and she participated in several talent  shows.  One of the many things that she loved about being a Newman Knight was the motto "One Community".  Newman was a diverse community and no matter who your friends were, there was always a respect and appreciation for multiculturalism and inclusion.  She did support students with special needs at times and she thinks that this was one of her first experiences really getting to know a person who was different from her.  Little did she know that this was a step towards her future.
  Honeyghan 1.gif

In 2006 she gave birth to a beautiful daughter and she was born with a left arm congenital limb reduction.  Her daughter, Sheriauna, has always been an independent person with very strong thoughts and opinions. She cares for people and is as beautiful inside with her kind heart as she is on the outside with her bright eyes that speak volumes.  Sometimes one would never realize that she has a limb difference unless one looks down because her personality fills the room as she brings smiles to the people’s faces around her.  Sheriauna is a competitive dancer who is passionate about life, her friends, and making people laugh.
Sherylee wrote "I Am Sheriauna" when she was 4 years old when she saw her facing challenges around talking to children about her limb difference.  She didn't always have the words to express herself and she would get angry and sad when other children would stare and ask too many questions.  The book took some time to become a reality as she finally connected with a wonderful illustrator in 2016 but it was finally completed and published in March 2017 and launched via social media in the summer of 2017.
Through promoting the book on social media, Sherylee has connected with some great people who are very passionate about promoting diversity in media, books, government and other platforms.  One person in particular, MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes really liked their message and story and made an effort to reach out and invite them to Ottawa to hear Prime Minister Trudeau announce that Canada will recognize the UN Decade for People of African Descent. They were afforded the opportunity to meet the PM personally and share their story and present him with a copy of the book. 
 Honeyghan 2.gif

It was an honour to meet the leader of Canada and to attend such a historic day in Canadian history as we recognize that people of African descent have made significant contributions that are deserving of respect and acknowledgement.  Her hope is that as the message of acceptance, embracing our differences and being kind to others is shared more people will advocate for others and the word will become a more accessible place for everyone regardless of gender, race, and exceptionalities.
Honeyghan daughter with Trudeau.gif
2 Honeyghan.gif

Sherylee truly believes that we all have our purpose in life and a reason for being here; sometimes it is just a process of getting there.  When you find it hold onto it and give it your all!

         Update - 5 February 2022

Sherrylee has completed her second book, “I am Sheriauna Book 2” which tells the continuing story of her daughter living with a difference.

                 Anne-Marie King  1994 - 1998

Anne-Marie King was a student at Blessed Cardinal Newman from 1994 until 1998.  While at Newman she was involved in many sports, particularly basketball, and was one of the founding student members of One Community.  She has had a rich academic career which has led to many contributions in education.Anne Marie King 1994 - 1998.jpg

Anne-Marie attended Humber College from 1999 until 2001, where she obtained her Diploma in Child and Youth Work.  This diploma laid the groundwork for her studies at York University for her Honours B.A. in Psychology and Education from 2001 until 2005.  In 2005 Anne-Marie began teaching at St. Theresa Shrine where she experienced many grades, including grades 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8.  After that she taught at the Intermediate level at St. Albert.  In 2011 Anne-Marie made the move to high school where she teaches both Religion and Career Studies.  She also found time to complete her Master’s in Education at the University of Toronto (OISE) in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education. 

Anne-Marie continues to enjoy coaching basketball and is involved in her church as well as many initiatives at Jean Vanier.  She has two children and will undoubtedly continue to contribute in her vocation as a Catholic educator.

                                      [14 December 2020]         
Anne-Marie is now a teacher at St. Pope John II Secondary school.

Update 6 February 2022

Anne-Marie has been promoted to Vice Principal in TCDSB and will be posted at Blessed Mother Theresa starting February 2022.

                                   Patrick Kriss 1994 - 1999
Patrick Kriss attended Blessed Cardinal Newman from 1994-1999. While at Newman he was very involved in the Visual Arts programme with Ms. Root, but his culinary interests had seemingly not been awakened. Patrick discovered his love for culinary arts while attending George Brown’s apprenticeship program and working at the Rosedale Golf Club. Petrick Kriss 1994 - 1999 2.jpg

He graduated from George Brown Chef School in 2006, then joined Auberge du Pommier in the role of Chef de Partie. Patrick moved to New York City and started working at Restaurant Daniel as Chef de Partie, and was soon promoted to Sous Chef under Chef Jean Francois Bruel.

Over the years, Patrick has had fabulous work experiences: in France at Régis et Jacques Marcon and at Maison Troisgos; and in New York City at Per se, Le Bernardin, Gramercy Tavern and Eleven Madison Park. Recently Patrick headed the kitchen at Splendido as Chef de Cuisine where he applied all of his learned skills, talents and passions.
Patrick earned the distinction of being the first ever Canadian at the San Pellegrino “Almost Famous Chef” competition in California by winning the regional title in Montreal earlier in the year. It was a feat that Kriss attributes to "lots of hard work and early mornings at the Chef School with my coach, Chef Charlton Alvares, combined with learning from a number of different instructors at George Brown Collge with different styles."
 Petrick Kriss 1994 - 1999.jpg

Patrick is currently the chef at Acadia at Clinton and College streets in Toronto where he is getting stellar reviews in Toronto Life, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.  

Patrick’s food philosophy is to use great seasonal ingredients while highlighting them with classic techniques. Ontario’s changing seasons and great produce inspire him. His ultimate goal is to have an intimate restaurant with a tasting menu that reflects what’s available in the markets daily.

                                           [14 December 2020]

Patrick is now the Chef and Owner of Alo, Canada’s number one rated restaurant.  He also owns sister restaurants Alouette and Alobar in Toronto.



                Bridget MacIntosh 1992 - 1997
Bridget MacIntosh was a student at Cardinal Newman from 1992-1997 where she was involved in theatre, Radio Newman, Cabaret Voltaire and as an emcee for many arts events.   She was awarded the Anthony Labriola Award for Excellence in the Arts upon graduation.  Bridget is an accomplished arts and culture manager who fuses her love of festivals, theatre and cities together.  Bridget Macintosh.jpg

Her work at the City of Hamilton has included the development and management of the city's Inaugural Events Office, leading the design and delivery of numerous civic events and special projects, policy and program creation, strategic planning and community engagement to support the 400 + events that take place throughout the city each year. 
Bridget has been recognized with a City Manager's Award for Public Service Excellence for her work on the 2015 JUNO Awards Host Committee, a Harold Award for her contributions to Toronto's theatre community and was recently named a Top 40 Under 40 Hamilton Business Leader in recognition of her work to support Hamiltons cultural sector. 
As a former event supervisor with the City of Toronto, Bridget was part of the producing teams for WinterCit and Cavalcade of Lights, and is the past producer of the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival.  She has also worked extensively with the Toronto International Film Festival, Harbourfront Centre, Factory Theatre and Theatre Passe-Muraille. 

She is currently the Vice-President and Advocacy Chair for Festivals and Events in Ontario where she remains a passionate champion for the arts and is a firm believer in the importance of municipalities providing opportunities and infrastructure for the festival, event, tourism and arts sectors.  Twitter: @bridgetannmac

                                                [14 December 2020]

Bridget is now the Principal, Cultural Strategist and Creative Producer at Bridget MacIntosh and Associates as well as the Digital and Future of Work Engagement Co-Chair Research and Policy at Mass Culture. 

                  Francis Manapul 1994 - 1998

 Francis Manapul Newman alumnus 1995 to 1999.jpg
Francis attended Blessed Cardinal Newman from 1994 to 1998, where he greatly benefitted from Ms. Root’s expertise in visual arts classes. He is known for his work on Witchblade and The Necromancer for Top Cow Productions, working on the former for three years, off and on, returning for the tenth anniversary issue in 2005.



In 2007, he signed an exclusive contract to work with DC Comics. In 2008 Francis became the artist for DC's Legion of Superheroes with Jim Shooter as the writer. Francis co-created the character Gazelle with Shooter before leaving the title. In 2009, he was named to be the artist in DC's new Flash series written by Geoff John.


In May 2011, DC Comics announced a massive revamp and relaunch of their entire superhero line, as part of this  Francis was named writer/artist on the Flash, with his longtime colorist/collaborator, Brian Buccellato co-writing with him.

 Francis Manapul comic book cover.jpg



Francis was awarded the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist in 2011. He also received the All-in-One  Award 2011 (Favorite artist known for almost-exclusively inking his/her own interior comic book pencil work and rarely the work of others in ’10) from the Inkwell Awards.




To learn more about his work click on the cover page to the left or copy/paste his website (



          Julius Poncelet Manapul   1995 - 1999
Julius Poncelet Manapul was a student at Cardinal Newman from 1995 to 1999.  At Newman he was involved in the Art Club, drama, improvisation and choir. He also did many set designs for plays and was instrumental in starting a support group for sexual diversity. 
 Julius Poncelet Manapul 1995 - 1999.jpg
He attained his Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2009 from the Ontario College of Art and Design University. He completed a one-year residency in Paris, France from 2009 to 2010 and earned a Professional Art Studio certificate from the Toronto School of Art in 2010-2011. Julius completed his Masters of Visual Studies at University of Toronto in 2013, along with his Sexual Diversity Studies Certificate from University of Toronto.
His work had been presented at Koffler Gallery (2016), University of Waterloo Gallery, A Space Gallery, the Art Gallery of Ontario (2017), and had shown works in London-UK, Paris-France and Berlin-Germany.
Julius’ work addresses themes of post-colonialism, immigration, diaspora, sexual identity, and identity construction. His work focuses on the personal hybrid nature of Filipino culture and queer identity. These hybrid images reflect his identity in a queer community that upholds homonormativity.
His experience is a personal journey informed by religion, queer culture, and the postcolonial issues as they relate to queer identity and is a reflection of his experience of immigration and transformation. Looking at the reality for many diasporic queers of color to create a space of my own crafted domestic shrines of queerness that begs the questions: What is sacred? What is worshiped or held up as perfect? What is masculine? Who decides? and who has the power?
For more information and links to Julius, copy/paste the following into your search engine    - or follow through to Julius' website.

              Nicholas McCowan 1994 - 1999

Nicholas McCowan attended Cardinal Newman from 1994 to 1999.  He was very active in the Outers Club, Student Council, volleyball, the school plays and numerous talent
shows and Christmas concerts. He was Class Valedictorian in his graduating year.
Nicholas McCowan.JPG
Nicholas has  been a full-time educator at Jean Vanier for eight years, teaching Science, Leadership and Student Success. He coaches basketball and has run the Camp Olympia Leadership team as well as the Robotics Club. In the summers Nicholas teaches senior Biology courses at MEI Academy.  These are experiential learning opportunities where students get to take in course info while diving on the coral reefs and hiking through the rainforests of Central and South America. 

His passion for technology in the classroom and his vocational pedagogy, rooted in global experience, resulted in Nicholas being nominated for and winning the Visionary Teachers Contest with Lenovo Canada.  He competed against 140 other nominees and was was awarded a class set of VR helmets, tablets and laptops. He will be part of a new series of tech lecturers that circuit universities, Apple Canada, Microsoft and other institutions.  Due to this he has also become an Apple Educator and will further perform PD opportunities for teachers across Ontario, Alberta and B.C.

To find out more about his award,go to the You Tube link or copy/paste the link below.

                           Michael Melling   1994 - 1998

Michael Melling attended Cardinal Newman from 1994-1998, where he was involved in the Newman Times Newspaper, Newman Helps and the Concert Band. He is an award-winning journalist who is the News Director who leads CTV’s news team in Southwestern Ontario. As News Director, Michael is responsible for setting the direction of all news and current affairs programming, as well as newsroom management tasks such as budgeting, staffing, and strategic planning.

Michael joined the CTV Southwestern Ontario team in February 2005. In his time at the station he has reported, shot, edited, produced, anchored, and assignment edited for the station’s newscasts.

He joined the station from CTV’s Business News Network (formerly Report on Business Television). Michael has also worked at and CTV News Channel (formerly CTV Newsnet). He has an MA in International Journalism from Cardiff University, Wales, UK, and a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He also studied French and International Business at IECS Strasbourg, France.

Michael is the winner of two International Edward R. Murrow Awards for Hard News and Best News Series. His work has also been honoured a number of times on the national and regional level by RTNDA Canada.

You can follow Michael on Twitter @michael_melling

                                              [14 December 2020]

Michael is now the General Manager at CP24 and CTV News Toronto 

        Agnieszka (Mroszczyk) Paletta    1992 - 1996

Agnieszka (Mroszczyk) Paletta attended Cardinal Newman from 1992 until 1996. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Double Major in English and Criminology.

Her first job was in medical publishing, which she quit just as soon as she had paid off her OSAP loan in order to buy a one-way ticket to Italy. An office job at a vineyard followed. Agnieszka then taught English in her native Cracow, Poland, returned to Italy and found herself back in Toronto, where she was the Executive Assistant to the president of IKO. She then worked in IT flying around Canada and the US, followed by another IT job at IBM once again in Cracow, Poland. Who knows how long the hopping would have gone on if it hadn’t been for her husband who finally grounded her, albeit in Germany.
Agnieszka Paletta.JPG

Currently being a stay-at-home mom is her most important job, but she also pursues her dream of not just reading a mountain of books but actually writing some. Her first book, DOING GERMANY, became a #1 bestseller on Amazon in Germany, Canada and Australia. Most recently she has begun writing a children's book series about the unlikeliest of friends: Underwear and Toilet Plunger.

Danny Raponi   1990 - 1995
Danny Raponi, better known as DJ Danny D, attended Cardinal Newman from 1990 to 1995.  He excelled in both math and French in high school. As a DJ in the clubs for over ten years and on air with Z103 FM for over nine, Danny has come to be known as “the People’s DJ”.  As Eye Weekly’s Reader’s Choice award winner for Best DJ in 2004,

Danny’s versatility, ingenuity and authenticity all contribute to the development of his unique sound.
Danny Raponi 1990 to 1995.JPG

In 2005 he took that sound into music production. Danny is a Juno nominee, has sold almost half a million mixed CD compilations and has toured across North America. His first two singles cracked the Top 20 on the Canadian National Club Chart.
You can catch Danny spinning live weekdays on Z103.5 during the Drive@5 Streetmix and Saturdays at 7pm during the Saturday Night Streetmix. To hear more either visit Danny at various clubs throughout the GTA or check out his CDs in stores. For more info on Danny, visit:

                    Jonathan Symington  1994 - 1998
Jonathan Symington attended Cardinal Newman from 1994 -1998. He graduated with honours and awards in French and Law. He was part of the following groups: peer counseling, peer tutoring, rugby, theater production.

After graduating from Cardinal Newman, Jonathan finished a double major in economics and political science at the University of Western Ontario. Following that, he joined the financial and insurance industry where he had work in various front and back office positions.

Jonathan Symington 1004 - 1998 V2.JPG

Andrea Thykootathil   1993 - 1998
Andrea Thykootathil was a student at Newman from 1993 to 1998, where she was involved with many clubs and activities.  She was the Student Council Grade 10 and 11 Rep, then Vice-President and President as well. 

Thykootathil, Andrea.jpg
After graduating from Newman, she attended Queen's University from 1998-2002 where she did a double major in biology and psychology.  

After Queen's Andrea attended York University's consecutive program for her bachelor of education.  Andrea started teaching at St. Maria Goretti, the largest elementary school in the TCDSB.  While teaching full-time she also completed her M. Ed. at the University of Toronto.

In 2009, Andrea took a two-year leave of absence to do her Master’s in Politics and Education at Columbia University in New York City.  There she also interned at a non-profit that focused on encouraging girls into entering traditional male-dominated occupations. Upon returning to Toronto in 2011 she taught at St. Patrick’s Secondary School but in 2013 was seconded to the Ontario Science Centre.
At the Ontario Science Centre Andrea teaches Grade 12U biology as well as delivering school programs to visiting schools ranging from JK-Grade 12 from all throughout Ontario. 
Andrea is a shining example of a great educator.  We are proud to feature her as part of our Newman Notable Alumni.

                                              [14 December 2020]

Andrea Thykootathil- update- Andrea is currently seconded to York University’s Faculty of Education.