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Student Services Important Dates


​Date ​Event

Mid November


Grade 12 Zoom 

This meeting with Student Services is to go over the University and College application process - you will be contacted by your email account as to the date and time of the meeting. The Chat function in Zoom will allow you to ask questions during the Zoom meeting.

November to 14 January

University Applications

In late October up to early November, OUAC, the Ontario Universities Application Council, will be mailing a PIN number to your home mailing address. Since OUAC uses the addresses provided by the school, ensure that your mailing address in the school records is correct. If in doubt about your address contact either your counsellor or the Newman office.

The application deadline for universities is Friday 14 January 2022


mid- November to 1 February 2022
 College Applications
Unlike the university application method you will NOT be mailed a PIN number for the College application, instead, you will create your own password on the College application site.

The application deadline for Colleges is 
Tuesday 1 February 2022

November 23 - 30



Graduation Photos 


Grad Photos (book on-line with EDGE Imaging). Any student who has their photo taken and pays a minimum sitting fee is entitled to a composite of the graduating class and a grad photo in the yearbook. You will be given a brochure in November with details on how to make the online appointment.

Graduation photos will be done at Newman.


14 - 2022

DEADLINE for University Applications


1 - 20212

DEADLINE for College Applications


30 - 2022


Community Service Hours

Deadline for Community Service Hours submission

to Student Services

Students are required to have submitted proof of 20 hours of Community Service for graduation in June 2022. You are advised to submit proof of your volunteer hours electronically to your Guidance Counsellor or to hand in the completed forms in the Student Services office.



 Graduation 2022

At this time, it is not possible to state what format the graduation will take, due to the COVID19 situation. We live in the hope that the situation will go back to a more normal state by June 2022.

   Important Announcements posted @newmangradyear

University Applications - Deadline - Jan 13/2022


The online application for Fall 2021 will be available at the beginning of October.​ Ontario Universities' Application Centre


College Applications - Deadline - Feb 1/2022

Ontario Colleges.jpg 

Early October 2021: Online Application Opens

In early October, access to the online college application becomes available for programs beginning in the following academic year (August to July). You may create an account and begin your application.


For more information, visit the following links:


Grade 12 - Community Service Hours 2020 - 2021

Although we do not yet have any information on Community Service hours for graduation in June 2021, it is considered prudent for senior students who expect to graduate and/or be accepted to a college or university program to have the 40 hours of community service completed by April 30, 2021

Without forty hours of community service, you will not graduate nor be accepted to a college or university. 

Forms may be picked up at Student Services. Completed forms must be submitted to Student Services.

Completed forms may be physically submitted to Student Services but it is preferable if they are either scanned or that you take a photo of them with your cellphone and email them to your Guidance Counsellor.

If information on changes to this year's Community Service hours are made, they will be announced on this site - assume for now that you will need to complete the 40 hours service.

You can also obtain a copy of the Community Service Parent Brochure and the Community Involvement Activity Form - by visiting the TCDSB Student Community Involvement web page.