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Part of our commitment as membe​rs of our Catholic High School Community is to remember what Jesus told us in the scriptures, 

"Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me". 

We are called to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and to welcome strangers in our midst. Our Scar Trek walk is a spirit-filled, community-building experience and a chance for us to be truly generous.


What is ScarTrek?

ScarTrek is Newman’s annual walkathon to raise money for needs within our school and for needs in the world beyond this school.  Our first Scar Trek took place in the fall of 1982 and has become an integral annual event in our Newman Community. The walkathon usually takes place during the first or second week of October. 

The walk is usually organized through our Period 1 Homeroom classes. Every student is asked to collect pledges before the walk and to participate as fully as possible in this community event.  There will be prizes for those who collect the most money in

pledges, as well as homeroom challenges, a prize lottery, and lots of fun on the walk itself.  We end up with a BBQ and beach party at Ashbridge’s Bay, Kew Beach.  Most importantly, ScarTrek is a very real way to reach out to our brothers and sisters in need.  We can demonstrate our gratitude for all that we have by giving to others who have less.

Blessed Cardinal Newman ScarTrek Fundraising Walk Map, 1982 

  (Scar Trek Fundraising Map, 1982)

Where Does the Money Go?

Half of the money we raise will go directly back to school teams, clubs and projects, to be used for such things as subsidizing tournaments, purchasing new equipment, fixing broken equipment, buying supplies for teams and clubs, etc.

 The other half of the funds we raise will go directly to charity. In the past, we have donated funds to an orphanage in India, Amnesty International, Covenant House, a school in Haiti, Bridges for Youth, St. Brigid's "Out of the Cold", the “Hope 4 Help” program for the development of a school for orphans in Kenya, the Sisters of Life and their Centre for Women on the Danforth, Right To Play, the charity the Canadian Jesuit International - Syria Appeal and last year in co-operation with the Scarborough Foreign Missions, the "Becoming Neighbours" program.

                                          SCARTREK 2019

Donald Lindo has become a Newman institution - as well as his duties as Student Supervisor, he has become one of our senior basketball coaches. In this role he has mentored many of our boys, who are aspiring towards careers in basketball - but he hasn't limited his efforts to the sport - he has also coached the boys academically and served as an excellent role model for them. After watching the video below, it becomes apparent that Donald's commitment to community building is a trait inherited from his Mom.

Donald Lindo's Mom, Joan Pelican, runs a program for students in Jamaica, called Uniting Unattached Youth Thru Sports & Education.

The Newman community has agreed to support this excellent project for the Scartrek 2019 fund raiser. The goal is to raise $30 000, half of which will go towards the Jamaica project while the other half will be used to fund projects within the Newman community. As government funding fails to meet our community's growing needs, it has fallen on Scartrek to help out here we go.

The Scartrek collections will begin on Friday 6th September before the Scartrek walk which will be on Wednesday 2nd October. We hope that once again, the parents and Newman community will rise to the challenge and meet the 2019 Scartrek goal.

The video presentation below is a brief look at what Joan Pelican has accomplished on her own and a description of what she hopes to be able to develop with the assistance of the Newman Scartrek 2019.

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Scartrek 2018

As we move into Fall and the leaves begin to turn colour the thoughts at Blessed Cardinal Newman turn to community and our main charity fund raising event of the school year, Scartrek, which takes place on Wednesday 3rd October.
This year with the help of parents and others in the community, Scartrek aims to raise 
$25 000.

The mission of this centre, run by the Loreto Sisters and the Mary Ward Sisters, is to help the most vulnerable in society. Through their efforts, many children, who work in the brickfields of India to support their families, have been given the opportunity to become literate and to live as children rather than labourers, even if only for a few hours each day.
Please do what you can to support this great cause, following the adage that although we cannot help everyone, everyone can help someone.

Donations can be made online

If you right click on the section below and select,
"open link in a new tab", it will take you to the site.
Scartrek Online donations.jpg




This years walk will be held held on Wednesday, October 4th. It will be a 15 km walk, starting at the school and then follow roadways along the lake to the boardwalk ending at Kew Beach.


The charity this year will be Becoming Neighbours.

Becoming Neighbours is a companion program that matches immigrants and refugees with members of Roman Catholic women and men religious congregations and their associates and friends. They provide a presence and act as friends, guides and mentors during the newcomers initial adjustment to Toronto.

Becoming Neighbours_Banner.jpg


The charity this year will be Children of the Light - Haiti.

Children of the Light has a passion to help children break out of the harsh cycle of inadequate education and poverty so that they may grow to reach their full potential.  They run year-round educational programs in Haiti, for children aged 4 to 16 in one-on-one and small group   learning settings.

Children of the Light - Haiti (update December 2016)
(taken from a thank-you letter from Marg Kerr - Children of the Light)

"We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the staff and students!! It actually brought us almost to tears when we heard how much was being donated. The impact of what you have done is not just about providing an education but also of offering hope in a situation that is often times feeling hopeless. While the Year of Mercy has come to an end, the act of charity demonstrated by the staff and students at Blessed Cardinal Newman will not be forgotten and will be felt for the next four years! Thank you so much!!


Below is  a picture the students sent us giving their own personal “thank you”!!

Children Haiti.gif

The following are from our Yearbook.


ScarTrek 2016


                                                        ScarTrek 2015

Scar Trek 2015 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the event (ScarTrek 2015 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the event)

                                                        SCARTREK 2014

Scar Trek 2014 Fundraising Walk, presentation of cheque to Church By The Bluffs Charity 
(SCARTREK 2014 Donation to Church By The Bluffs)
Scar Trek 2014 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the eventScar Trek 2014 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the event 
(SCARTREK 2015 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the event)

                                                SCARTREK 2013

ScarTrek 2013 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the event 
(ScarTrek 2013 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the event)

                                           SCARTREK 2012

ScarTrek 2012 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the event 
ScarTrek 2012 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the event (SCARTREK 2012 Fundraising Walk, collage of pictures from the event)