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As of 2nd March 2020, our School Engagement Team (SET) consists of two members of the Toronto Police Services:   PC Steve Van Der Krabben and PC Jason Gobeil. Slightly different from the School Resource Officer (SRO) program where one officer was stationed full-time in a school, the new SET officers perform a similar role but circulate among several different schools within 41 Division.
The primary goal of the SET remains the same as that of the previous School Resource Officer program, that is, to establish positive relationships through an active uniform presence in the school community.  Officers are to take a proactive approach with students and school administration to build healthy and trusting relationships. 

This is the 8th year that Newman has been involved in a program with Toronto Police Services to connect police with youth in schools in order to build positive relationships. PC Alphonso Carter has been an active part of the Newman community for the past six​ years and now is moving on to another post with the Toronto Police Services.

The St John Henry Newman Community thanks PC Carter for his dedicated service to the students and staff.
PC Carter has been active in setting up lunchtime basketball for students; based on the daily turnout, it's the most popular lunchtime activity, next to eating! PC Carter has made a real effort to reach out to students both through sports and through counseling.
His presence has made students feel comfortable with a police officer in uniform in the school and it's hard for him to walk down the hall without being high-fived by every second student.
Officer Carter has served as a great role model for students and has created an interest in careers in law enforcement. He has set up fun basketball games between the police and Newman students and has been available for classroom discussions on the law and its enforcement. He has demonstrated both care and optimism in his positive interactions with the Newman community.

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