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Yearbook FAQ's

  • Delivery Date
        • The yearbook is distributed during Semester 1, usually around the first week of October.  
        • The book is distributed to all Gr.10 - 12 homerooms.  Grade 9 students do not receive the previous years book.
        • Grads may pick books up in the Communications Lab, Rm 143
  • Photo Day (Grade Mug Shots) 
        • Photo Day usually takes place early in September.  
        • These pictures will be used for the Student ID card and are also used for the Grade Mug pictures in the yearbook.
        • Photo Day is organized by the school Administration - not the Yearbook.
        • For 2016-2017, Edge Imaging is being used by the school.
    • Grad Photos 
            • For 2016-2017, Edge Imaging will be doing the Grad Photos.  The Grad Photos are organized by the school Administration - not the Yearbook.
            • They will be taken near the start of Semester 2 at BCN.  Details will be posted as the date approaches.
                    • Appointments must be booked on-line with Edge Imaging. 
                    • Any student who has their photo taken and pays a minimum sitting fee is entitled to a composite of the graduating class and a Grad photo in the Yearbook.
            • Please Note: Grad photos taken after April 15th cannot be guaranteed to be included in the Yearbook.


    Book your appointment @ bookmygrad.comSchool code: XCN

    • Grad Last Words
            • Last Words forms will be distributed in Gr 12 Homerooms during the last week of April. Forms can also be picked up in the Communications Lab, Rm 143.
    • Yearbook Baby Grads
            • The Baby Grad forms will be sent home to all Grad - Parents/Guardians at the start of May.  
            • Parents/Guardians will have until the end of May to make submissions should they wish to take part.