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Toronto Catholic District School Board

New School Year Info

Below you will find copies of the information that was sent to all students in mid-August.  There will be alphabetical lists posted throughout the school on the first day (Tuesday, September 4, 2018) directing students where their homeroom classes are located.  Students will then receive an updated timetable in their homeroom classes.

It is recommended that students report a little early on the first day so that they can look up where they need to report for homeroom.  Classes begin at 10:30 am so students should give themselves a chance to find their homeroom class before this time.

Grade 9 students will report to the cafeteria Tuesday morning, where they will receive any information they require to settle in and orient themselves.  Many of the students learned their way around the school during the Summer School Head Start program, but Tuesday will give them a chance to ask questions and familarize themselves with the school year routines and procedures.