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New School Year Info

Below you will find copies of the information sent to all students in mid-August.  There will be alphabetical lists posted throughout the school on the first day (Tuesday, September 3, 2019) directing students where their homeroom classes are located.  Students will then receive an updated timetable in their homeroom classes showing the teacher names and room numbers.

It is recommended that students report a little early on the first day so that they can look up where they need to report for homeroom.  Classes begin at 10:30 am so students should give themselves a chance to find their homeroom class before this time.


SJPII School Calendar - see School Calendar tab for the most up to date information



Classroom locations will be posted around the school so that students can check to see where they will be reporting for 1st period.  At that time ALL students will be receiving an updated timetable.  Students should NOT come to the Main Office or Guidance requesting a copy of their timetables.  Alphabetical lists will be posted in the following locations:

Grade 9:  Guidance Hallway 
Grade 10:  English Hallway
Grade 11:  Tech Hallway
Grade 12:  Green Pit

Students that know their homerooms and have not requested any timetable changes can find their first period class on the following list: