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Principal's Message

It is easily the most intense honour of my career to serve the St. John Paul II CSS community as principal and to follow in the amazing work done by our former principal, Paul McAlpine. Mr. McAlpine worked very hard to develop a sense of community and family throughout the Pope halls and I will humbly try to build on that during my tenure here.
Every year, the Pope community selects a single word to guide our spiritual, academic and social journey for the school year and this year we have selected HOPE. To make this more than simply a symbol, we have also created a working definition of HOPE so that all members of the community can work to apply it to all that they do. We define HOPE this way:
HOPE is direction, gained through reflection and achieved through action.
We want the entire school community to see HOPE as a plan that is certainly something that can be realized. HOPE has become a complete embodiment of what our amazing community is all about.
DIRECTION is gained through taking the time to be honest about our assets and those things that we need to work on and then moving forward. We are so lucky to be part of a vibrant Catholic Community as our faith is rooted in the belief that self reflection and even retreat is key to developing a plan and path in our lives. This is why we at Pope value our community mass celebrations, our religious retreats and our daily moments of REFLECTION through prayer.
While we are extremely proud of our commitment to DIRECTION and REFLECTION, Pope is known throughout the city for our ACTION. Whether it be through our globally respected International Baccalaureate program, our provincially successful athletics programs or the multiple social justice and student leadership opportunities that permeate our community on a daily basis, the Pope community has shown a commitment to ACTION like no other. We offer our students as many avenues for ACTION as possible and know that this is central to what makes the Pope community second to none in the province.
As the Principal of St. John Paul II CSS I am humbled by the amazing community of professionals that serve our students every day. As a proud alumnus of Pope, (Class of ’91) I am excited about the direction that the school is moving towards and am confident that this and future generations of Panthers will be well-equipped leaders, ready for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.