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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Guidance: Scholarship Information



University Scholarships

Universities offer a number of scholarships. Entrance scholarships do not need an application and you are automatically considered when you apply. University scholarships requiring separate application are quite often prestigious awards requiring a student be nominated by the Principal and they are of a very high monetary value. All of these awards, along with amounts, selection criteria, etc. are included in the website Students should apply early, since the application process for various awards is usually a lengthy one that requires a great deal of effort on the part of the student.

Community Awards and Scholarships

A large number of bursaries and scholarships are available within the community. Guidance has a listing of these and updated information is posted here. Please check the website often.  In addition, check your parent's place of work as quite often businesses offer awards to children of employees.

Graduation Awards

Each year there are many awards available to students at graduation. A committee oversees the selection process and no formal application is necessary. Students interested in winning awards need to realize that several factors are involved in the consideration process. Successful academic performance is almost always necessary. There are many that simply ask for a commitment to academics. Background/experience is also a very important factor. Often award panels look to see what the individual has done both inside and outside the school. Get involved and volunteer your services. This will most certainly make your application more attractive. Students should also seek out references that will benefit their applications. If you are volunteering, don't be afraid to ask for a reference. This shows commitment to school and community.

Student Costs and Money Planning

Don't forget to look at the following helpful information sites:


Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is money in the form of a loan provided by federal and provincial governments for post-secondary education. OSAP applications are available on-line each spring.