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Grade 9 Registration for 2021-22

​(**Please note this information is for parents of students that have already applied and been accepted to the school.  If you have not applied to St. John Paul II, please see the information below outlining the application process to be placed on our waiting list for 2021-2022.)​​

Amidst the confusion and chaos cause by Covid-19, we are currently making plans as to the best and most efficient (ideally non-contact) method of registering your child for the upcoming school year.  Please make sure you keep the school updated with your current email address  as there will be numerous important ongoing communications sent from the school and the board.

For more details on the upcoming registration, please see our dedicated website:  

SJPII Open/House/Registration Site

The following are the documents required for your registration for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year (also available at the above Open House/Registration website):

Principal Letter to Parents.pdf

Combined Course Selection and HIF Registration Forms

This form is for students registering for the REGULAR stream at SJPII; must be completed and scanned to the secure TCDSB server (Grade-9-Course-Requests-Uploadby Feb. 12, 2021

Combined IB Course Selection and HIF Registration Forms

This form is for students registering for the IB PROGRAM only; must be completed and scanned to the secure TCDSB server (Grade-9-Course-Requests-Upload​by Feb. 12, 2021

Please note there is a $100 activity fee for each student each year.  This fee covers various student costs such as the student agenda, a lock for grade 9 students, the school yearbook, clubs and extra-curricular activities, and the parent council.  This fee is a requirement for registration and is payable via School Cash Online ( or by etransfer via our school email:

Phys Ed Uniform Letter 2021-22

Physical Education is a requirement in Grade 9 and uniforms can be purchased through the Phys Ed department via School Cash Online (​). 

Reference Documents:

Resource Department Parent Info

McCarthy Uniform flyer 2021-22 (all school uniforms are to be purchased from R.J. McCarthy)

School Uniform Policy and Dress Code

School Cash Online Info

Grade 8 Student and Parent Virtual Info Night

SJPII hosted 2 information nights in October 2020 for parents:  an info night for those interested in the IB program, and a general info night for all students and parents interested in attending SJPII.

If you were unable to attend either of these sessions, you may visit our Open House website for all information and details regarding these evenings and our school:

​Secondary School Admission

For students applying to a TCDSB secondary school for the next school year, please complete the online application through the S.O.A.R. platform, which can be found at:

You can refer to the video below if you require help completing the application.
For Grade 8 students applying to the 2021-2022 IB program after the initial deadline of October 29, 2020, the online SOAR application must be completed for the REGULAR program and the manual IB Application form below must be completed, as well as the confidential teacher assessment:

For students wishing to transfer from another high school for the current school year, we require:

For students transferring from another TCDSB school:  a transfer package prepared by the guidance department at your current school,


For students from outside of the TCDSB:  completion of the Application to Attend form (please note this form is NOT required for grade 8 students coming to grade 9), which can be found here:




Secondary School Admission 

Secondary schools are open to all students residing in the City of Toronto. Students living outside of Toronto (but within Ontario) may apply to a secondary school without payment of a fee. Placement will be offered ONLY IF THERE IS SPACE AVAILABLE.
New Permanent Residents arriving in Canada who would like to be placed in a TCDSB secondary school must contact our ORIENTATION CENTRE at (416) 393-5500 to book an appointment for registration (see related links).
Please note:
The Admissions & Placement Department is not responsible for students wanting to transfer between TCDSB secondary schools. Such transfers are to be arranged by the student and the school.
For further information please contact your local secondary school.