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Gifted Calendar  for the year 2013/2014
These are the dates  of  enrichment events for  the  upcoming  2013/14 school year.  Please  go over the list of events with your parents and checkmark inside the  elliptical sign which ones you have an interest in attending and  please return this form  before  December  1st  for  any of the following events:
1).Waterloo United developing higher order thinking skills analysis, synthesis, initiative, curiosity, responsibility  transcend boundaries:  (    )
Choose one of the following below (a,b,c)
a). Gr.12 Road Map to Research: November 13-15(Program fee $300(include meals); accommodations $180/$60 per nights; Application deadline October 17th  (   )
 b).Gr.11 Design: March 11-15(Program fee $450(Include meals); accommodations $300($60 per night) Application deadline December 19th (    )
c).Gr.10 Theme of ‘Change’ May 12-16: Program fee $450(Including meals); accommodation $160/$40 per night; application deadline March 10th (    )
2).    CSUNA(Catholic Schools United Nations Assembly): November 21 & 22: Mock United Nations Assembly.   (   )
3). Social Justice Symposium: December 16th St. Micheal’s College University of Toronto. The Theme will be “Youth and Gangs”.   (   )
 4).Perspective: Challenges, Ideas and Responses  2014  The TCDSB annual Gifted Conference: St. George Campus University of Toronto , Convocation Hall, February 19th 2014 (   )
5). Ontario Model Parliament ( :  March 1, 2014 at Upper Canada College/Simulation: April 23-25, 2014 at Queen's Park Provincial Legislature. Early Registration December 2- $50, January  20th Registration $55 and  February 10th late registration  $60.(  )
6).    Enrichment Studies Unit:  Queens University May 4-9/2014 Registration dates February 3-28th/2014 The mission of the Enrichment Studies Unit at Queen’s University is to enrich gifted and motivated youth by challenging them academically, developing them personally, and inspiring them with the Queen’s University experience.(    )
8). Other school-base clubs related to Enrichment: Debating Club, Reach for the Top, Destination Imagination, DECA, Environment,  Executive Student Council, Executive Leadership Council   & Robotics.
Dear Parents,
I have recently held  the November monthly  meeting with the Gifted students and have given the students a list of upcoming events for the  2013/2014 calendar year. Please go over this with
your son/daughter and decide which these events your child would like to attend. Please checkmark or circle one or more events  and have your son/daughter return it to  me before December 2nd .
Myself  and few other students  attended  CSUNA 2013 on November 21-22  which is a mock United Nations Assembly event attended by the majority of  Catholic schools at the Catholic Education Center.  This was memorable extracurricular experience for   those students who attended.  
Extracurricular events  like these extend the boundaries of the classroom by offering  each
student an educational experience  which can be transferred back to the classroom.  I hope that this can assist your child’s  educational journey  to reach that enrichment apex.
Thank You,
Mr. Premdas
Gifted Facilitator