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Blessed Pope John Paul II Wins New Computer Lab
BPJPII To Receive Staples Environmental Award:  June 19th  details: 
Students and staff at Blessed Pope John Paul II will be honoured at the Staples Impact Awards event with Staples and Me to We.  The school will be presented with a Staples Award for Environmentalism, based on their Recycle for Education submission. The school was chosen as a standup example of how schools should be demonstrating environmental responsibility in their community.
They will also be joined by Marc Kielburger, Co-founder of Free the Children and Me to We, Roxanne Kielburger, Hannah Alper and other exciting speakers and performers.
 Blessed PJPII and Staples.JPG
Congratulations to the students and staff at Blessed Pope John Paul II, for winning a national contest sponsored by Staples Canada. Their environmental efforts have earned them $25,000 to fund new computers for the school.
The school’s Environmental Council (students) applied for the grant, highlighting the various initiatives the school has undertaken. These included energy saving awareness and waste management control by the entire school.
The council also worked with outside agencies on national and international levels.
The Environmental Team has also organized a large conference which they will be hosting at University of Toronto (Scarborough) on May 16th.
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