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About Us
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How We Meet the Diversified Needs of Our Students

Caring, cooperative staff attempt daily to model Christian living through their example.
Each school day begins in community prayer. Celebrations, masses and paraliturgies have representation from all levels. Needy children are provided for by the educational aid fund from the Parent Council (CSAC). Student helpers assist with a variety of activities throughout the school such as monitoring younger students at lunch, assisting as "bus buddies" and serving on Student Council.
Parent volunteers assist the school for various functions (lunches, fund raisers, CSAC members, etc.). The school now has a snack program whereby students are given nutritious healthy snacks before morning recess.
To foster a safe and welcoming environment a comprehensive and well defined discipline code has been developed and implemented in the school. Rules, expectations and procedures are clearly outlined to parents and students.
To alleviate concerns over pupil's safe and expected arrival at school, parents are asked to inform the school regarding student absences. Failure to do so results in the school contacting parent immediately as to a child's whereabouts.
In order to promote computer literacy, every classroom is equipped with at least one computer. All the students have access to a word processing program. The school has a computer lab for student use.
Co-curricular programs
In order to provide a well-rounded focus for the students, there are numerous co-curricular activities happening throughout the year.
Family reading programs for primary children, and reading buddy programs involving older and younger students, promotes reading. School patrollers and student leaders all offer leadership training of students.
Other activities include preparing students for junior and intermediate W5H, primary choir, intermediate instrumental music, primary and intermediate soccer, junior and intermediate volleyball, basketball, softball, cross-country, track and field and drama club.