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Principal`s Message


How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students


There are many activities which exemplify the Catholic environment at St. John Vianney. There are celebrations of community masses. The prayer life at St. John Vianney is present as each class takes part on a weekly basis every morning to recite a morning prayer. In addition, there are many  signs  visible to our community beginning with our Display Case Celebrating the Monthly Virtues, holy pictures and displays acknowledging our good works and commitment to our faith.
St. John Vianney  provides students with a safe and welcoming environment. Codes of behaviour and consequences are discussed at divisional assemblies. Students and parents are always welcome to discuss their concerns. 
There are many curriculum initiatives:
  • Team teaching and team planning are part of the strategies used for program delivery.
  • Partnering with school librarian will provide opportunities for small group interactions.
  • A computer plan has been established to focus on computer literacy.
  • Literacy development will be the focus for the primary division.  
There are many co-curricular activities and programs organized at St. John Vianney. Students are involved in W5H, sports, photography, drama and music activities.
ALL of our students are enrolled in international languages in our extended day programs.
At St. John Vianney we always assist our students to live by our motto which is "A Caring Community".