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Nine year old Anthony Dookeran from St. John Vianney was the Sick Kids Ambassador at Meagan's Walk press conference Sick Kids Hospital April 15th. As a patient of Sick Kids with Brain stem Glioma in the area of the brain where doctors are not able to operate, he thanked everyone for attending today’s Crane Ceremony and for supporting Meagan’s Walk in raising awareness and monies for research.  He spoke about his symptoms, the more than 100 days of school he missed and the great support from his teachers and friends at school and of course the doctors/nurses at Sick Kids. He was very thankful for the paper cranes from TCDSB schools as a sign of hope and invited everyone to join the 58 schools who are involved on Meagan’s Walk  Mother’s day weekend hug on May 10th.
The TCDSB has embraced Meagan’s story since 2001, when one of our students wanted to create some way of reaching out to Meagan and her family.  What an inspiring story it was when an entire community took hold of that message of hope for Meagan.
That inspiration lives on with us today. The TCDSB is grateful to Denise Bebenek, the doctors and staff at Sick Kids and the volunteers at Meagan’s Walk.  Every year, they remind us of our important connection that every school has a Meagan: they remind us of the power of hope; they remind us of  the tremendous gift that our children bring to us every day.