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Student Dress Code

All students attending TCDSB schools are expected to adhere to the school board's Dress Code for Pupils Policy S.S.07.

At St. John XXIII Catholic School, all students are to meet the following uniform requirements:

​Clothing​ ​Requirements
Plain White or plain navy blue
Short or long sleeves; golf shirt/dress shirt/blouse
*Official St. John XXIII spirit wear shirts are also permitted
​Bottoms ​Plain navy blue
Pants, shorts or kilts
NO jeans, leggings or tights allowed
*Official St. John XXIII spirit wear track pants are also permitted
​Sweaters ​Plain white OR plain navy blue
Any sweater type adhering to colour requirement
*Official St. John XXIII spirit wear hoodies are also permitted
Uniform shirts, bottoms, and sweaters are expected to be PLAIN white or PLAIN navy blue AND should be without any large, visible logos/branding.  

St. John XXIII school iron-on crests may added to clothing, if so desired by parents/students. To purchase a crest, please contact the school office.