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 School History And Tradition
The Early Years
St. John XXIII Catholic School had its beginning in September 1972. 240 students were enrolled at the time.  Prior to our school's opening, students and staff were accommodated at St. Anselm and St. Bonaventure Catholic Schools. 
By the fall of 1973, the school building was ready for occupancy and the official opening of the school took place in the spring of 1974. Every year after, the student body increased, and an addition was built in 1982. Enrollment peaked in 1984 at 720 students. 

Our Patron

The school is dedicated to Pope John XXIII, one of the most beloved popes of modern times and one of the 20th century's most noble and respected of men. He was elected pope on October 18, 1958 and passed away on June 3, 1963. He was beatified in the Fall of 2003 and the school's name was changed to Blessed John XXIII Catholic School. He was canonized by Pope Francis on April 27, 2014, and accordingly, the school once again changed its name, this time to St. John XXIII Catholic School.  

The legacy of Pope John XXIII has formed the basis of many of the traditions and values of our school community. The themes that defined his papacy were his quest for world peace, his love of all people, and his passion for the union of all Christians. He was a man of peace, and his tolerance and his teachings serve as a beacon and guide to the wonderful multicultural and diverse community that is St. John XXIII Catholic School.

Current Years

Today, St. John XXIII Catholic School has approximately 450 students enrolled.  We have about 17 homeroom classes and 1 class for our students with multiple exceptionalities.  We offer various academic supports, such as ESL, Special Education and Empower Reading classes.  We also have a number of co-curriculuar opportunities.  Our sports teams practice and compete hard, and often do very well at the various tournaments in which they participate.

Our school is also a hub for our Flemingdon Park community.  Our building houses Red Apple Daycare, where many students go before and after school.  We have an Early ON Child and Family Centre, which offers free programs for parents and their children from birth to age six.  In addition, we have a settlement worker office, which assists newcomers as they transition into their new life in Canada.