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Toronto Catholic District School Board

In addition to the regular class program, additional program components which strive to meet individual needs include:
  • Special education program
  • Enrichment/gifted program
  • English as a second language program
  • French as a second language program - beginning in grade 1
  • Computer literacy program
  • Vocal and instrumental music program
  • Multiple Exceptionalities Program (primary and junior division)
  • Kindergarten Language Program
  • Scientist in the Schools
  • Moorelands After School Program
  • Thorncliffe Neighborhood Tutoring After School Program
  • Numeracy Tutoring After School Program Gr. 3 & Gr. 6
  • Numeracy and Literacy Tutoring After School Gr. 7 & Gr. 8
  • Junior Achievement
  • Arts for Children
  • One to One Mentors
  • Prime Mentors (OISE)

In attempting to provide educational excellence we recognize that we must accommodate the needs of all our students be they physical, emotional, social, intellectual or spiritual. All students have access to the regular program and to the educational mainstream program delivery and expectation of output are modified to meet individual needs.