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St. John XXIII is known for its commitment to athletics and player development.  At our school, we have numerous sports teams.  For each division, the following sports teams are available:

​Primary (Gr 1-3) ​Junior (Gr 4-6) ​Intermediate (Gr 7-8)
Cross country (Gr. 3 only)​
Primary Soccer (Indoor)
Track (Gr. 3 only)​
Cross country
​Junior Soccer (Indoor)
Junior Volleyball
Junior Basketball
Track and Field​
​Cross country
Intermed​​iate Volleyball
Intermediate Basketball​
Track and Field
Intermediate Soccer (Outdoor)
Sports take place at various times during the school year.  Students are encouraged to listen closely to the announcements for information about tryouts.  Additional details can also be found on the sport-specific pages.