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About Us
In September 2017, St. Josaphat Cathedral Catholic School relocated to its permanent location - 110 Tenth Street (located at Lakeshore and Isilngton Ave.) 
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
As an Eastern-Rite faith community, we share a common set of beliefs. However, within that commonality, our students come to school with a diverse and varied set of experiences as well as needs. The school's first and foremost intent is to provide a safe and welcoming environment. The St. Josaphat Parent Handbook (provided to all parents in the first month of school) outlines many of the procedures and strategies in place to provide such an environment. Included in the handbook are sections on safe arrival, code of behaviour, bus safety, health information, emergency numbers and procedures which is can be located in the student agenda.
An integral part of our faith and community fostering process is the strong international languages component of the school. We are very proud of the Ukrainian heritage language program offered at the school. Our Eastern-Rite traditions are interwoven very tightly with the Ukrainian language. By continuing to offer a strong heritage program, we continue to develop a strong Catholic environment within our community. Preparation for numerous feast days throughout the year is an essential component of the school year.
Our kindergarten students spend a full day in school. Our grade 1-8 students spend 1/2 hour per day studying the Ukrainian language and culture. School concerts, festivals and open houses have a strong basis in the faith as well as the language. The school provides special education services, gifted classes (grades 5-8) and English as a second language classes. The school library is an abundant resource centre for both staff and students. The library has many materials in audio, video and print. Technology and computer education continue to have strong foundations in the school. The school has networked computers both in the classroom and the library.
In the area of sports, our junior and intermediate students are involved in a variety of team sports, including volleyball, track and field, and soccer. These include invitational competitions with local schools.
The school is very proud to have a chess club and to once again participate at the junior and intermediate level in public speaking competitions and festival of the spoken arts presentations. The school continues to have a music program of an exceptionally high calibre. The strings group perform at numerous functions throughout the year at the school, festival and community levels.
Modifications to curriculum are evident in order to reflect standards as outlined in Ministry guidelines. Board-wide standardized testing carries on this year with both the administering of the grade 4 testing and CAT/4 test administered to grade 2, 5 and 7 students. EQAO testing is administered to grades 3 and 6 students across the province.
It is quite evident in this short overview that the school has a varied and rich curricular and extra-curricular base with which to meet the diversified needs of the students of this small school.
In 2004, St. Josaphat School staff and students relocated to the old Brother Edmond Rice building to accommodated the growing needs of the student community. The facility has a drama and instrumental room, high school sized gym, cafeteria, large library, huge classrooms and a very big school yard with concrete but mostly grass.