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St. Josaphat School was established in 1961 by Msgr. Basil Filevich, pastor of St. Josaphat Cathedral. Under the continual spiritual leadership of St. Josaphat Cathedral, we are blessed with regular visits from the priests who are vibrant and enthusiastic in their calling. We are blessed to be able to integrate our Eastern Rite religious and cultural traditions. Student liturgies, celebration of parish events and the preparation of the students for their first solemn communion are part of the parish involvement in our school.
St. Josaphat offers classes from ELP (early learning program) to Grade 8, delivering the Ontario curriculum with an enriched program that includes the instruction of the Ukrainian language from Kindergarten to Grade 8. At St. Josaphat we provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for our students, so that they may work and grow to their full potential. High academic and behavioural standards are set for all. The Catholic Graduate Expectations as well as the Virtues are emphasized daily and integrated into curriculum programs. We aspire to nourish our students in the Eastern Rite Catholic faith to become discerning believers, effective communicators, creative thinkers, good family members, and responsible citizens.
Through the precise and collaborative work of the entire staff, St. Josaphat students achieve at high levels in such areas as EQAO provincial assessments. In terms of student academic achievement, our students display excellent work habits and commitment to learning which is translated into superior EQAO and CAT/4 results. Our athletic accomplishments are notable; however, the sense of fair play and sportsmanship displayed by our athletes is as valuable and distinctive.
A collaborative Catholic School Parent Council, CSPC (formally known as CSAC), seeks to enhance and support school programs through the engagement of the parent community in fundraising and active involvement in volunteer activity. The CSPC also provides funds that are used for the classroom, curriculum delivery and co-curricular activities such as sports and Eastern Rite celebrations such as St Nicholas, Christmas and Easter luncheons.  
Local and international community outreach, for example, the support of local food banks, and the Help Us Help the Children, Ukraine, are a focus of student fundraising and community work, as is the development of student leadership through an active Student Council that seeks also to raise school spirit through a variety of activities.
Please visit our website regularly to see what is planned and become familiar with the school curriculum and programs. It is our hope that you will see that St. Josaphat School is concerned about each child and strives to help each child find his or her potential.