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Volleyball 2015 2016


We were proud of our boys' and girls' intermediate volleyball teams. Both teams played like a well organized team. They showed the skills needed - communication, collaboration, supporting each member of the team, commitment to attending practices.


On November 9, the boys played their Divisional Tournament at Christ the King. It was a very nice walk to the tournament.  With great playing and effort they played very well. Thank you to Ms. Van Vugt for being their coach.



Novemeber 10th, the intermediate girls walked over to Christ the King for their tournament. They perservered and came from behind and played in the finals. The girls played very well. There were rallies that went on recieve, set, over, between the teams. The girls worked hard and the result of thier group effort were the Division Champions.

The following week, November 19, at Monsignor percy Johnson, the girls played in the Regional Meet. Again, they played very well - communicated, showed great team work, went for the ball, at times when they were down, they cheered each other on. the girls had to play a tie breaker with St. Andre who went on to the semi-finals.


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Coaching both teams was a pleasure. Watching these boys and girls dedicate thier time to come to practice and put in the great effort was well worth it. As they are realizing, team work, commuication, letting what has happen go, allows them to move forward. Congratulations to both the teams.