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We Day
On October 2nd, I went to We Day and had a fantastic time. It was incredible experience. I learned many and wonderful new things. I went with eight other students, along with Miss Van Vugt. My classmates and I learned many ways on how we could change the world and make it a better place. There were also many inspiring stars like Joe Jonas, Chris Hadfield, Hedly and many more.
There were so many students and teachers at We Day; it was unbelievable! So many kids want to change the world and help people all around the world. One thing the people at We Day told us about was where you could buy bracelets, called rafikies, which are made by African women. So you buy them at a store and then you sell them at your school. All the money goes to the women who made these pretty bracelets.
At We Day there were artists who sang songs. Like Hedly sang "Crazy for you" and "Heaven in our headlights." My classmates, Miss Van Vugt and I, had an amazing time dancing and listening to these artists singing. We had a spectacular time at We Day and I hope I could go again next year.
The people who went to We Day, organized some charities and donations. We are going to have some bake sales, food donations and more. All these help get tickets to go to We Day next year. I would like to thank Miss Van Vugt and the students from last year of 7/8 class, for getting the tickets for my friends and I and letting me have the opportunity to go to We Day. We Day was very inspirational and I think everyone should have a chance to go and have a great experience at We Day.


                                                                                                               -Christina Shular









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