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Co- curriculars

Although the Ministry of Education provides mandated guidelines for teachers to follow, it is the Co-curricular activities that make St. Josaphat unique. After school, before school and during lunch hour, teachers provide activities to help develop personal interest and confidence in an assortment of areas. Sports, for instance is highly promoted to develop physical and emotional development. An assortment of activities are available for the students such as soccer, volleyball, table and regular tennis, house leagues as well as track and field. For those who choose activities other than sports, the school provides chess which is taught by a chess master and pysanka making. After school, the school provides a cooking club and the International Heritage Program provides paska making.  There is also a school choir, student council, instrumental music, drama and other activities to promote personal development of the entire child.

Throughout the year an assortment of social justice activities are prepared by the student council in order to enrich the personal experiences of the school day. Each month, there is a pep rally focusing on bullying and social justice issues. During this day, one class performs a play that revolves around different forms of bullying.  When completed, they show the resolution and how one can address a negative situation. The student council is the voice that represents the students of the school. Their responsibilities take on many styles that enrich the school experience. Each class selects class representatives that begin from grade 2. These children go to meetings, take notes, and bring back ideas to their own classrooms.

In order to prepare our students to be future leaders and independent thinkers, it is important to give them the opportunities and the tools to practice these skills in a safe environment under the supervision of an adult.