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The school uniform is available at:

RJ McCarthy Ltd.

360 Evans Avenue, Etobicoke


Uniform Outline, Expectation and Civvies Days 
Uniform Policy Philosophy:
When students choose to become part of the St. Joseph’s College School community, they choose to accept wearing the school uniform properly and with pride. Students should be neat and well groomed at all times.  The overall neat appearance of students contributes to the good order and atmosphere in the school community.   Our uniform policy is in accordance with the guidelines of the Toronto Catholic District School Board and is reviewed annually by the School Council.
  • SJCS white golf shirt, short or long sleeved
  • SJCS white French-cut blouse, short or long sleeved
  • The following  SJCS tops may be worn over the golf shirt or blouse:
            zipped polo sweatshirt, V-neck pullover, cardigan
  • Only plain white short-sleeved T-shirts may be worn underneath SJCS tops
  • All tops are official McCarthy’s items with the school logo
  • SJCS navy monogrammed blue dress pants –flat front from McCarthy’s
  • SJCS Green Gordon X-Kilt from McCarthy’s
  • Worn no shorter than 7cm (3 inches) from the top of the knee cap
  • Navy blue or black socks with the pants
  • Navy blue knee socks with the kilt
  • Opaque navy blue or black tights with the kilt (no nylons or pattern tights)
Plain all black leather dress shoes and black laces if applicable
  • Below the ankle
  • Heels no higher than 2 inches as measured from the back of the shoe
  • Shoe must be a flat dress shoe worn properly
The items outlined in the above chart constitute our school uniform.  The uniform items are  expected to be worn properly by all students.  No variations from the listed items will be accepted.
Uniform Expectations:
To maintain the integrity of our school uniform, the following is expected:
1.        Students should arrive at and leave from school in full and proper uniform.
2.        All students must be in complete uniform throughout the school day including lunch and spares.
3.        All uniform items must be purchased at McCarthy’s bearing the SJCS logo on each item. 
4.        No part of uniform can be altered, changed or personalized.
5.        No other outer clothing items are to be worn under or over the school uniform.
6.        No excessive jewellery or accessories will be allowed.
7.        Only neutral colour headbands can be worn on the head.  No other head coverings such as scarfs, bandanas, hats etc. will be allowed.
8.        Students who dye or highlight their hair must have a natural dye hair colour.
9.        Students in their graduating year and members of the Student Council have the privilege of wearing school ties.
10.    Students whose kilts are found to be too short will be asked to alter them or to purchase a new one if alterations are not possible.
11.    Uniform pants must not be tapered or altered or tucked in, in any way.
 The school administration reserves the right to address all matters related to the uniform.
The school will send home students who do not comply with the uniform policy.
Parents/guardians will be contacted.  If a parent/guardian is not available the student will remain in the main office until such contact is made.
Civvies Days
A civvies day is a privilege granted at the discretion of the Administration.  On such days students may wear alternative clothing.  However, what is worn in public may not be appropriate for a formal learning environment.  All shorts, skirts and dresses must not be shorter than the bottom of finger with arms stretched straight at sides of the body.  Hats, caps, bandanas or scarves and clothing with inappropriate slogan are also not permitted.