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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal`s Message 

 Welcome to semester two and the latest edition of our school newsletter.  The Toronto CatholMrs. H. Lesniakic District School Board’s virtue for February is the virtue of Love.   Through the virtue of love, let us remember that love not only inspires the practice of all other virtues, it is the form and completion of all the other virtues through our actions and witness to Jesus.


My daily interactions with students, staff and parents continues to deepen my appreciation for this community’s history, dedication and deep traditions rooted in legacy of the sisters of St. Joseph.   I trust that all of our students who worked hard will accomplish success in their semester one courses.   I hope everyone is now refreshed and energized to face the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the second half of the school year.  I would like to thank Mr. Hume and Ms. Calla who leave our community at this time.  I wish them all the best in their future job endeavours. 

As the midpoint draws to a close, there is much to celebrate.   We continue to serve our students a very healthy and nutritious breakfast each morning in the cafeteria.  Our Study Studio continues to thrive as students meet each day afterschool to receive help and support with their studies.   We continually celebrate the accomplishments of our sports teams.  Our winter teams (Volleyball, Swimming and Hockey) are all in the middle of their seasons and all working hard to achieve success at their respective TCDSB competitions.   Our fall sports teams did exceptionally well with the cross country competitors scoring personal bests, both basketball teams making it to the finals of the TCDSB competitions and our field hockey team making it to the playoffs.  Well done everyone!!
Thank you to all who attended our Christmas concert.  Under the direction of Mr. Jager, Ms. Klonowski, Mr. Sabyan and Mr. Reid, the music students, vocal students, drama students, art students and the glee club all performed exceptionally well.  It was a great night full of lively entertainment.
Another highlight from Semester One was the presentation at Nuit Blanche.  Mr. Sabyan and his team of staff and student helpers put on an excellent show that highlighted the 157 year history of the sisters of St. Joseph and the school.
Our EQAO math exams went very well as the Numeracy committee worked very hard to ensure that all of our grade 9 students were well prepared.  The EQAO Literacy test which is set for March 29 will be written by all of our grade 10 students.  Our Literacy team is working diligently through the support of the Study Studio, the afterschool Literacy program and remediation in classes where needed, to prepare our grade 10’s for the upcoming test.
I would like to acknowledge the commitment to our school community by a former student, Ms. Mary Pat Hay.  I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to Ms. Hay as she continues to support our school community in many different ways.
The new semester brings many exciting events and activities.  We are making preparations for the Feast of St. Joseph and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our Wellesley school building.  This celebration will happen on March 21.  We will also be celebrating Black History month with many scheduled activities throughout the month of February. Other highlights for semester two include Multicultural night, Winter Activity Day and a Walk-a-thon just to mention a few!
We are presently entering the registration process for September 2012.  During the months of February and March, our guidance department will be discussing with all students, the process for registration and helping students to decide the best options to choose for the next school year.
I would like to take this opportunity to applaud the many individuals who continue to contribute positively to our school.  This newsletter is a glimpse to the many activities and hard work by the many teachers and students who embrace true dedication and commitment to the school.  I would also like to extend sincere gratitude to our active CSAC, superintendent, Mr. Mike McMorrow; and our trustee, Ms. Jo-Ann Davis.
May God continue to bless you.


Mrs. H. Lesniak