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School History And Tradition


Originally called “St. Joseph’s Academy for Young Ladies,” and located on Power Street, SJCS began as a private school when it was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1854.

In 1863, the Academy was incorporated in a new convent built by the Sisters of St. Joseph at the southwest corner of Bay and St. Alban’s Streets, now Wellesley Street West.

The Sisters’ property, which grew to occupy a city block, housed, in addition to the Academy, their Motherhouse and Novitiate.  Later, St. Joseph’s College, which was established in 1911 for women students of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto, became a part of the complex.

In 1928, the Academy was renamed St. Joseph’s College School.

When the Ontario government purchased the convent property to construct four office towers, the Sisters of St. Joseph relocated the College School across the street at its present location.  Students helped with the move, carrying furniture across Wellesley Street.

St. Joseph’s College School at 74 Wellesley Street West opened on September 3, 1961.

The College School became entirely publicly-funded in 1987, at which time the Sisters leased the school to the Metropolitan Separate School Board.  The last Sister of St. Joseph to serve as principal retired in June 1996.

The Toronto Catholic District School Board bought the College School property from the Sisters of St. Joseph in December 2007.SJCSCrest2008.jpg