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Advanced Placement Application 
Over 80% of our students pursue post-secondary studies at university or college.  A significant number of our graduates are Ontario Scholars, with an overall average of 80% or above.  With a solid foundation in Mathematics and Sciences, many of our graduates go on to study in applied science programs at university. 
Specialty Programs Include:
(Pre-) Advanced Placement Program (please see below for details)
Special Education
Extended French
Instrumental and Vocal Music
Rhythm and Movement (Dance)
Basketball sport-focused program
Fast Forward program in Healthcare

Grade 9:
All students enrolled in academic-level English are introduced to pre-Advanced Placement curriculum.  Science and Mathematics pre-Advanced Placement courses are congregated for qualifying students.
Grades 10 – 12:
In grades 10 and 11, students may apply to continue studying in the pre-Advanced Placement program in English, Mathematics and Science(s).  In grade 12, the Advanced Placement program is offered to qualifying students.  These students have the choice to sit the International Advanced Placement exams in May, which are recognized by a number of universities.
Courses Offered at the pre-Advanced and/or Advanced Placement Levels:
AP Biology
AP Calculus
AP Chemistry
AP English
AP European History
AP Physics
AP Statistics
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) results spring of 2010: 
94% of our grade 10 students were successful, which is 10% higher than the provincial success rate.

All of our classrooms are equipped with computers.  Four computer labs are available for classroom use.  A fully automated library with a host of online resources that can be accessed at school or from home is available to students.  Outside of the classroom, computers have been placed in several locations for student use.  Classroom instruction is enhanced by the use of SMART Board technology and a variety of current technologies.
Technology Courses

Communications Technology
Information and Communications Technology
Information and Consumer Design (Yearbook)
Computer Studies
Media Arts