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Social Studies and Humanities Department:  Exploring the big questions


What we do:

The Social Studies and Humanities Department provides opportunities for students to explore the many dimensions of a meaningful life, as individuals and as members of a broader society. Through the courses and experiences we offer, students continue to develop the critical thinking and expressive abilities that are the foundations for a successful future. We delve into philosophy’s big questions and concepts, from epistemology (how do we know what we think we know?) to metaphysics (what is the fundamental nature of reality?) and logic.


Why we do it:

Humans find themselves endlessly interesting, and here we encourage this curiousity about ourselves. Situating our lives in broader contexts of understanding allows us to make better decisions about our futures and promotes better relations with the people we encounter. As our students develop a critical outlook they become able to see more clearly the impulses, forces, and processes that shape our world.


How we do it:

Our program combines courses in the core social sciences (anthropology, psychology, and sociology), philosophy, family studies, and fashion, in order to develop broader critical perspectives and career opportunities. Practical and conceptual skills are honed via library and online research, field observations, research papers, seminar-style discussions, and individual and group presentations, among others.


Enriching opportunities:

Social studies at SJCS are enhanced by visits to the Royal Ontario Museum, the University of Toronto, and the Bata Shoe Museum, where experts and teachers introduce students to vivid examples of the things they have been studying. Students learning to work with infants and young children use life-like infant simulators to experience the challenges of caring for an infant.​

Department Head


Mr. J. Doucet





Department Members


Ms. S. Carusca

Ms. C. Da Mota

Ms. M. Darmanin Kaiser

Ms. K. De Giorgio 


Department Courses:


Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12


Working with Infants and Young Children, Grade 11, College






Families in Canada, Grade 12, University







Families in Canada, Grade 12, College









Challenge and Change in Society, Grade 12, University






Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology, Grade 11, University






Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology, Grade 11, College








Philosophy: The Big Questions, Grade 11, University/College






Philosophy: Questions and Theories, Grade 12, University






The World of Fashion, Grade 12, University/College