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French as a Second Language 

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The FSL programs offered at SJCS are Core French and Extended French.  

Upon graduation, a student is granted a Core French Certificate of the Toronto Catholic District School Board if she has successfully completed the 4 credits in Core French from grades 9-12.  

Upon graduation, a student is granted an Extended French Certificate of the Toronto Catholic District School Board if she has successfully completed 4 credits of Extended French and 3 credits of Religion taught in French, in high school. 

These programs provide students with challenging and varied opportunities to develop their French-language knowledge and skills. The content of each course is organized into four interrelated strands: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Throughout the students’ time in French class, they continue to explore how to apply the language outside of the classroom. Critical thinking and soft skills are developed through incorporating real life situations into activities. Through activities, such as creating dialogues, students perform different scenarios that may arise in real life situations and continue to strengthen their communication skills. The goal is for students to speak French confidently in different situations, such as: 

- when having a conversation with a friend (or meeting a peer for the first time) 

- when asking for directions or giving directions 

- when planning a party or get-together  

- in a restaurant (making reservation, ordering food for delivery, take-out or dine-in) 

- at the train station (buying a ticket or changing a reservation) 

- at the airport (going through security or exchanging currency) 

- when shopping (a conversation between sale’s associate and customer) 

- at a job interview (incorporating best practices and well-reflected responses) 

- when delivering a speech (relevant topics, creativity encouraged, effective time management) 

- SJCS version of the TIFF Film Festival (performing their own scripts and mock awards show) 

Current affairs, media and contemporary and classical literature are analysed individually and through group discussions. Students also develop the skills to compare a piece of literature to a film or recent news clip. Francophone culture is studied from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America (including Indigenous People). 

Excerpt from SJCS Newsletter

"Our Grade 12 French class embarked on an exciting field trip to see the Phantom of the Opera musical at the Princess of Wales Theatre! We read the abbreviated novel in French prior to watching it to gain a better understanding of the plot and expand our French vocabulary. After lunch, we made our way to the theatre by foot, and were well rewarded with a captivating performance of the musical, featuring creative and well-designed sets in addition to several spectacular musical numbers. It was a PHANTASTIC day that will not be soon forgotten!" Kate Baptista and Anne Huynh

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Department Head:
Ms. M. Godin
Department Members:
Ms. H. Tripp
Ms. S. Beattie

Ms. M. Sanchez-Kani

Department Courses:
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Core French (Academic)
Core French (Applied)
Extended French (Academic)
Extended French Religion (Acadmic)
Core French (Academic)
 Extended French (Academic)
Extended French Religion (Acadmic)
Core French (University Preparation)
 Extended French (University Prep.)
Extended French World Religions (College/University Prep)​
Core French (University  Preparation)
 Extended French (University Prep.)

This course introduces students to language elements they will need to begin to communicate with native speakers.   Students will participate in practical activities in which they can apply their knowledge and skills.  They will explore aspects of the culture of countries where Spanish is spoken, including social customs, music and food, by participating in cultural events and activities involving both print and technological resources.
 Department Courses:
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Introduction To Spanish
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