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Special Education Department:
Special Education Resource Program:
The Special Education Department at St. Joseph’s College School offers programming to students who are in need of academic supports in order to access the curriculum.  Students can access services from the Special Education Department which is made up of Special Education Teachers, and Educational Assistants.  Programming is tailored to meet the needs of each student.  Assistance to students occurs in a variety of ways; work in the classroom setting, a Learning Strategies course where students develop a toolbox of strategies for academic success, an alternative location for the completion of tests, assignments and examinations, and access to assistive technologies.  On an individual level, students are assigned to a Special Education Resource Teacher who develops their Individual Education Plan and monitors their academic progress.  Students are welcome to work in the Resource Centre independently as well as with the Resource Teachers and the Educational Assistants.  Special attention is also given to students transitioning into high school as well as to those who are graduating and moving on to the world of work, college or university.
The Gifted Enriched Program:
The Gifted Enriched Program is open to students who are identified by Identification Placement Review Committee as Gifted.  Additionally, the program is open to students who may benefit from an enriched curriculum and to students who wish to challenge themselves with a broader school experience.  Talented and gifted students in our program are encouraged to develop their intellectual and creative potentials and to recognize the importance of issues vital to their local communities, their country and the world at large.  Three areas are emphasized by the Program: individual development, participation in school and community life and the development of leadership skills.  Our school offers a variety of options for all students who are interested in enriching their academic experience.  These options include: Encounters with Canada, Forum for Young Canadians, Model United Nations conferences, Canadian Club Luncheons, Queen’s Mini-Enrichment Program (EMC), the TCDSB Gifted Conference at the University of Toronto, the SJCS Scholarship Program and the Duke of Edinburgh Leadership Program, SHAD Valley.  Other options may include academic contests, multicultural clubs, sports and teams that are part of our extra-curricular program.  Interested students are always encouraged to seek enrichment opportunities.
On an individual level, students who are identified as Gifted are assigned a Program Facilitator (Special Education Teacher of the Gifted).  The program facilitator develops their Individual Education Plan and in concert with the student, develops a program to suit the interests and needs of the Gifted Learner.  Special attention is provided to students transitioning into high school as well as to those who are graduating and moving to postsecondary opportunities.
Department Head:
Ms. K. Szendi
Department Members:
Mr. M. Gambardella
Ms. S. Mollinari
Ms. J. Ridgeway

Ms. B. Czan  (EA)
Ms. M. Hutton (EA)
 Ms. M. Kielar (EA)
Ms. D. Obasahan (EA)
Department Courses:
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Learning Strategies - Open

Avanced Learning Strategies - Open