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The Healthcare program at St Joseph College introduces students to the global aims of health promotion, disease prevention, early detection techniques, treatments, and rehabilitation. By exploring human anatomy and organ system functions, immunity, infection control, nutrition, and mental health, we better understand the challenges of illness and recovery, disease and disorders, but also of the body’s ability to fight these, and how by implementing healthy active living practices we can help avoid ominous diagnoses and live more fully.

The program examines practises related to patient care, such as communication, feeding, pre- and post-surgical care, and emergency room considerations. We also explore the wide ranges of post-secondary healthcare education as well as the immense scope of careers available to students when they graduate.

Grade 10 – TPJ2O1 MusculoSkeletal System / Mental Health & Wellness / Reproductive

                    Health / Nutrition

Grade 11 – TPJ3C/M Global Healthcare Practices / Careers / Cardiac & Respiratory                              Systems /Vital Signs / Digestive Health & Disorders / Diet & Nutrient Types

Grade 12 – TOJ4C Childhood Development / Psychology / Physical Growth                                          Characteristics /Gerontology / Aging / Changing Social Roles & Medical                            Needs

Grade 12 – TPJ4C/M Canadian Healthcare / Cancer / Immunity / Infection Control / The                      Brain& Spinal Cord / Sterile Techniques / Patient Communication​