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2nd place in the Annual French Public Speaking Contest at the TCDSB Level

(Concours d’art oratoire 2018)


Le concours/festival d'art oratoire is an annual public speaking event for students in Grades 4 through 12 studying French as a Second Language in Ontario schools. The event began in 1975 in the Ottawa-Carleton area and expanded to a provincial event when the Ontario Modern Language Teachers Association (OMLTA) and Canadian Parents for French (CPF) joined forces in 1985 as co-sponsors. First place winners at the TCDSB level go on to compete at Glendon College of York University in Toronto where the provincial competition takes place. Successful candidates at the provincial level go on to the national competition for cash or scholarship prizes.


Students participate in either the Core French, Extended French, French Immersion, and Francophone category and in either the junior or senior division. One student, per category, per division may participate per school at the TCDSB competition. With the guidance of their French teachers, students spend many hours planning, writing and revising their speech in French, and then rehearse and practice their enunciation, pronunciation and presentation skills.


This year, grade 12 Extended French student, Gabriela Jankowski, recited her speech about the effects of animal agriculture on our environment at the TCDSB competition in early March. Her efforts came to fruition as she came in 2nd place in the senior Extended French category.


The Modern Languages Department is exceptionally proud of her achievement!


Félicitations et bon effort!


The French Department teachers looks forward to continuing to support students who will prepare for the  Le Concours d’art oratoire in the future! ​