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Entrepreneurial Adventure

To thrive in our diverse, connected and changing world, students must learn to be critical thinkers and collaborative problem solvers, communicating across cultures to tackle global issues with creativity and resiliency.  The Learning Partnership’s experiential student programs have been designed to support teachers in optimizing the development of these core competencies

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BOH4M1 Grade 12 Business Project 

School: St. Joseph's College School Teacher: Paul Sabyan 

Project name: Mood Board 

Check out our project here:

Volunteer Comments: 

• What an interesting project - I loved it! You worked as a team, you came up with a concept, you worked together and supported one another - these are all team work skills that we need in business. I'm sorry that you were not able to actually move forward with the mood boards/partner with a nursing home (long term care facility is perhaps a broader term/more current way to refer to a facility that provides long term care to older people) due to COVID-19 - but it was a great idea. And I loved your focus on helping others improve their mental health. I noticed one of you mentioned that you were able to get a sense of being a business person - bravo! I hope that this project will help each of you have more of an idea of what type of careers you might consider as you move forward. Finally, I know that you are in grade 12 - COVID-19 has been so tough for you - no prom, no in-person graduation - a very different summer and uncertain plans for the Fall. But you grew in this project and should be proud of yourselves. And I hope that your work on this project has helped you consider more careers than you might have been thinking about previously. Enjoy the summer and best wishes for the future! 

• It is fantastic that this class took on the serious and important topic of mental health and well-being. Unfortunately testing the product was not permitted given that schools were closed due to the pandemic. An area of consideration is the privacy of students, seniors and others in the target population using the Mood Board. This class showed great brainstorming, process skills and problem solving - all critical in the world of work. Well, well done! Have a safe and fantastic summer!! 

• Well done on your cumulative project! I love your focus on mental health and well being; now more than ever it is a large focus that is imperative to our communities. I think that your initial concept idea is very thoughtful and the white board is an accessible tool to use. It would be great to see the digital component of this product. Perhaps what the virtual experience would look like? As well, from an ecommerce perspective, would there be an option to customize the board and send it as a gift online? Overall, well done and keep up the great work! 

• The Mood Board was a great idea to address the mental health issues. The team was able to adapt and rise to the challenge in the COVID 19 situation. They were able to recognize how to use current events and situation to their 

benefit which is much like many of the businesses that had to do the same with the COVID 19 restrictions. It would have been helpful to see if there was research done with the institutions they wanted to present this tool to. I love the fact that you made this a not for profit venture to be able to support institutions and charities. Overall this is a great idea. The team did an excellent job on this project. 

• Congratulations team St. Joseph’s on your exceptionally well-done 

Entrepreneurial Adventure project! I was thoroughly impressed by your Mood Board business project. I thought that you did several things really well: First, I thought that it was commendable that you chose to focus your project on mental health and wellness and on building a product that that would help other students. This is a critically important topic and by focusing your business on it you have the opportunity to make not only a profit but a lasting deep social impact. Secondly, I thought it was really impressive that you kicked off your project idea with a brainstorming session and that you set the tone for all ideas to be welcome. Brainstorming is an effective technique for generating ideas quickly, encouraging people to participate, and coming up with possible solutions to whatever problem you are trying to solve. Third, I liked the product concept itself – it was simple and inviting, which would likely encourage people to be willing to share how they are feeling on a particular day. I also applaud you for thinking about the various use cases for where your product could be placed – nursing homes, schools, and hospitals. Finally, I thought you did a terrific job with your presentation. You communicated about your project in a clear and concise fashion. Your presentation was very professional and had excellent use of imagery and graphics. I really enjoyed that you took the time to self-reflect on the overall experience and include some quotes from your peers to share what you learned. Sometimes we get so busy in our lives and work that we forget to reflect and take note of what we’ve learned from our experiences. Self-reflection is an important skill that will help you in your academic and professional careers. All in all, I thought your project was exceptionally thorough, creative and very well done. I think you did everything that you were asked to do right. As an additional challenges, you might want to consider is how might you raise initial funds for product development, materials, etc. I encourage you to team up and work on future projects together, you really rocked it. Great teamwork! 

• I love the Magic Whiteboard product with the QR code - it's great! What a wonderful concept and idea that is practical and will also help people. One area for improvement is to present using the QR code, what people end up writing on the Magic Whiteboard, so that we can see the similar thoughts that people express Overall, the thought process and decision-making route that you took can be applied to many problems faced about how to make decisions.