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Jewellery making workshop: A metal ring

jewellery 2020.jpg

Once again we asked artist Susan Stopps to return to St Joseph’s College School and run one of her  ever popular Jewellery design workshops.
  St Joe’s was privileged to have the artistry and expertise of Susan for 10 days working with a grade 10 Visual arts class and a grade 12 fashion culture class. We are fortunate to have had the support of the Ontario Arts Council to make it all happen.

This workshop falls under experiential learning as students not only learned new skills but created something practical and beautiful. These skills are something students would probably not do on their own as learning the use of materials and processes they build their confidence through trial and error.

The challenge of the project provokes a variety of different skill levels and developments. Students  patiently follow the steps to understand the making of a work of jewellery. The end result is an object of great pride especially with students realizing what can be possible, and what they can learn to do.

The kindness and patience of Susan with the students  shows she understands working with learners and that she is able to support all levels of student learning. Many of our at risk students found the workshop of interest and not only did they excel at working with jewellery but they also demonstrated an improvement in attendance.

We are so very fortunate at St Joe’s to continue to share in this experience. ​