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The Red Dress Day Project

This year with the help of our grade 12 art students, and members of the after school art club, our message was again represented with the symbol of the red dress. All grades worked creating red dress shaped ribbons thst they gave out to the public on October the 4th.  The girls  shared their knowledge and answered questions.

How did we begin?

 Students need to feel safe, we took small steps in presenting the material and constantly reinforcing the difficulty of the content. As a class we looked at the list of names of the many Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2 Spirited. Each student was given a number of names to research all they could find out about their assigned list. Who was this person? What is this person’s story? Is it a solved or unsolved case?

 With feeling safe students could begin to express their understanding and collectively develop a project. This year our students decided we needed to create a large dress and with the inclusion of images of the many Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2 Spirited incorporated into it.  Our dress needed to have a presence to attract attention and to create curiosity for the viewer.


The students thought out and planned how to piece the dress together. We chose a red water repellent nylon material to work with and printed off images on to transfers which were one by one applied to the skirt of the dress.   The dress was sewn together by the students. Students who were competent with working with a sewing machine mentored other students. The completed dress was over 30 feet long and is hung from the roof over the front doors of the school. To accompany the dress a large banner was installed to promote October the 4th, and to wear red.​