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Words of appreciation from the St. Joseph’s College School students. 
On December 3, the participants of the Intergenerational Storytelling Project came together to celebrate culmination of a 10 week program that brought together members of the St. Joseph's College and Sisters of St. Joseph Toronto communities.  Students and Sisters were paired together to meet and learn about each other.  At the final tea, without prompting, students stood to share the impact the Sisters of St. Joseph Toronto had on their lives.  
Carla, grade 11 – Sister Trudy
You inspire me every time I come here with your words and spending the time with us, thank you so much. We got you a little gift so we hope you have memories of us, we are attached to you.  For example, this tree, which turns on, shows that you are the light of our hearts. 
Andrea, grade 11 – Sister Trudy
First of all, I’d like thank Sister Trudy to take the time to meet me and Carla and for sharing and giving us advice. 
Marianne, grade 10 – Sister Gwen
The first time I came here was kind of scary because I usually don’t do stuff like this.  But when I came here, I spent lots of time with Sister Gwen.  It made me feel more comfortable with myself and more confident with speaking to people so I really appreciate that.  Thank you so much.
Victoria, grade 10 – Sister Marie
When I first came here I was really nervous, but afterwards, I met Sister Marie and I became a better human being and I had an amazing experience and I’ve learned so much about myself and I’ve learned about her.  I am so grateful.
Princess Aya, grade 10 – Sister Marie
When I came here I was very nervous because someone to someone knew.  But Sister Marie let me be comfortable and just let my inner goofy side out and had fun and not answer all the questions.  We got to just talk to each other, normal conversations.  I will miss this, because you are a cool person.  You’re dope.  We love you and appreciate you and you’re cool, so cool.

Juliana, grade 11 – Sister Cecilia
Sister Cecilia was an inspiration.  She told me a story she made me think that there are actually people who care about poor countries, poor people, people who don’t have food.  She was the one who told me that there are people, and I knew there were people, but I just didn’t really believe it until she told me her experience of building a school in Haiti for the kids there.  This program with you Sister Cecelia was amazing and I’m going to miss you, and I will come back.
Amy, grade 11– Sister Mathilde
My sister in China told me to catch my dream and encouraged me so I came here.  And my sister encouraged me too.  I feel very happy and learned a lot from her.
Linden grade 11 – Sister Joanne
All of my older mentors, my grandparents, live very far away so it’s nice to have an inspirational elder right here in Toronto.  I’m really going to miss her and I’ll come back and visit. 
Dora,  grade 9 – Sister Mary
It’s great seeing all of you here and bonding with the older generation because we don’t really see this in society and it really gives us the opportunity to reflect on our lives and see that we are not alone and that we continue to learn from anyone, like the ESL students, the grade 10s, 11s, and 12.. Thank you so much for being here and participating in this.  Thank you.