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​The July 9th letter to the Archdiocese of Toronto, from Cardinal Collins, stated,"A recent poll suggested that only 10% of Canadians have a thorough understanding of the history of Residential schools".​​​​
The St.Joseph's College School community is part of that 10%. Each year new students are educated on indigenous culture and  the history of the residential school systemi n Canada. Each year students become the ambassadors tot htis knowledge  to share with family . friends ,and their  wider communities. Wencontinue to share the truth of a dsarker part of Canadain History and we look for greater acceptance and understanding of all cultures.

Sharing Awareness with the Community



In 2015 we created an art installation for Nuit Blanche that focused on the theme of the residential schoolls in Canada.  Our project was a memorial to all the schools , and children both survivors and  the lost. Our project was  a voice to uncover the truth and share our teachings.

Our project was well received and praised by the community with its simple powerful message to further awareness on this issue We wanted to create somehtingthat would encourage the dualogue , the conversation and to share information. Blog Toronto and the Truth and Reconcilaition Comission praised and supported our project.

St Joseph's College has been  a school founded on principles of social justice and over 170 years ago a order of sisiters provided education to young ladies from all backgrounds and cultures This mission is continued to this day as we continue to foster awareness on the issues of the day.

Our teachings are centred on inclusiveness and diversity and the ever changng world we live in Our students continue to engage in ways to chalenge the world and to create  awareness, discourse and healing with the many issues we introduce to our school community and in doing so  St Joseph 's College continues to support our students and their well rounded education.

We teach our students that they can have a voice and for over 10 years we have worked to empower our students with Indigineous knowledge, and culture.We continue our focus on introducing more teachings and expressions in Indigineous learning. Today, now more than ever are students need to share that awareness so more Canadains have an understanding of the issues we face and the complexity of our diverse society. 

We continue offering the courses we do and the learning experiences we share. It would be great to know that one day 100% of Canadians  have an understanding of Indigenous culture and specifically the residential school system and it's true imapct on this country.