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St. Joseph's College students at the 2019 Concours/festival d’art oratoire

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On Tuesday, March 19th, Mariah De Sousa represented the St. Joseph’s College School community at the Concours/festival d’art oratoire, the annual public speaking event held at the school board for students in grades 4 through 12 studying French as a Second Language in Ontario schools. As a grade 9 Core French student, Mariah demonstrated a commitment to continual learning beyond the classroom and wrote, revised, rehearsed, and delivered a speech entitled “L’école pour 12 mois” on why school should not be year-round. Félicitations, Mariah!


On Friday, March 22nd, Stevine Ngioba Bitifil delivered a heartfelt, touching, and passionate speech entitled “Mon père est mon héros” about the courage and strength her father has demonstrated throughout her life and the sacrifices he has made for his family. In the entire TCDSB, Stevine won first place for the senior Francophone category of the French public speaking contest. As a result, she will be advancing to the provincial level of the competition, which will be held at York University’s Glendon campus. The judges were moved to tears and audience members were mesmerized by her charisma and presence while delivering her speech. We wish her luck at the provincial level where she will continue to make the St. Joe’s community extremely proud.