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A Visit with Sr Helen Prejean

On February 27th, I along with 16 of my fellow classmates were honoured with the opportunity to represent St. Joseph’s College School at the event hosting Sr. Helen Prejean. In our grade twelve Religion course we had encountered Sr. Helen’s powerful story through the film, Dead Man Walking and through discussions we had explored racism and classism as it is connected to capital punishment. 

On this day at the Aga Khan museum, we had the privilege of listening to her speak about compassion, human dignity and the importance of respect for all life. Her comments on inclusivity and caring for the marginalized members of our society had a profound impact on how we view ourselves and others within our culture and society. Sister Helen’s words were not only an inspiration, but also a call to action to serving the ideals of compassion and inclusivity.

As we sat in dialogue with Sr. Helen, her deep love and patience was evident as she intently listened to our questions and answered them with all the care and dedication that she would devote to anyone else. I believe this is what makes her outstanding; the ability to recognize and interact with the dignity of each person. Sitting with Sister Helen has left an everlasting imprint on my life.

It was a privilege to have Sister Helen Prejean travel in from sunny New Orleans and brave the Ontario weather to speak with us. Her cheerful and humorous personality was in stark contrast to the dreadful weather outside and this contrast taught us how we are to face obstacles when we venture on our vocation. The students and staff of St. Joseph’s College School want to thank Sister Helen for this once in a lifetime experience that will stay with us forever.

Leonor Rodrigues


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