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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Dangerous things come in Kilts: 
Shakespeare’s Beth.

This April, St. Joe’s Arts Department is proud to announce that we will be undertaking an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Set in the modern all-girl high school “St. Scott’s”, Beth centers on the ambitions of the student council treasurer, Beth, who has eyes on the student council presidency. Inspired by the mysterious prophesies of her guidance counsellors, and spurred on by her voracious, social-climbing mother, Beth will let no obstacle stand in her way; not even her fears, her friends or her sense of right and wrong.


Our production, involving over 30 St. Joe’s students in its cast and crew, remains faithful to the original Shakespeare text, while connecting to modern audiences with its universal themes of betrayal, revenge and the costs of ambition.


We will have two matinee performances on the mornings of April 21 and 22 for visiting schools and homerooms, and an evening performance on April 21 for parents and guests. Tickets will be available in April.

We will also have student art work on display showcasing a variety of work from Visual arts.

Highlighting the creativity, imagination, and hard work

of our developing art students.