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 Nuit Blanche 2018 Ghost School

Saturday September 29th 7PM to 
Sunday September 30th 7AM

Nuit Blanche is an all night multi disciplined arts event held each year in early fall. This is the 13th year the city of Toronto has hosted this event which over its many years has attracted millions of viewers. This is the 4th Nuit Blanche event that St .Joseph’s College will participate in . The school community supports our commitment to Nuit Blanche and its connections to 21st century learning, and promoting our great school. On Saturday September 29th, all night we present two interrelated projects telling, showing who we are.


Our present school building is on the North side of Wellesley west of Bay Street and it opened in the early 1960’s. Prior to this date the school occupied the site that now takes up the government block on the south side of Wellesley. Many people do not know that there was a complex of buildings there that made up the school run by the sisters of St. Joseph for the purpose of educating girls. It was one of the first educational institutions in Toronto and, the "Motherhouse" consisted of a number of buildings a Sisters’ residence, novitiate, chapel, administrative offices as well as the St. Joseph’s College School, a day and boarding school for girls.






motherhouse plan.png


In the 1950’s a progressive and growing Ontario needed more space to

conduct the operations of government, the sisters looking to down size its operations chose to build a smaller facility and sell the site to the Ontario Government to build the present day McDonald block. All buildings were torn down. All that is left from this institution are photographs and documents which provide visual information on what the site would of looked like including a large convent building, school buildings, a large chapel, a technical and commercial school, and a residence for boarding students all situated on extensive grounds with gardens and sporting facilities.


With the help of a large commercial digital projector our project, our “Ghost School” will project images of the original school complex of St Joe’s from on top of a terrace on our school onto the government building, above the tree tops. For one night our old school will be resurrected and seen high above the street in place in it’s original site piecing back together some of Toronto’s lost history and also to commemorate the over 160 years of the founding of our school. We present our “Ghost School”


Brown and Gold Ball

1965 Dancing.jpg


To continue our look back in time at our schools history and traditions we bring forth the ever back in the day popular  “Brown and Gold Ball”. This event was the highlight of the school year and breathed elegance and sophistication into the lives of the young ladies of St Joseph’s College School.


We wish to reenact this event through the schools historical years with projected images, music, dance and a little bit of fruit punch all wrapped in the traditional school colours of brown and gold decorations. Pull out your party gowns and glam it up Come to our all night outdoor ball and relive the memories of a young ladies St Joseph’s College experience. Can I have this dance…..​