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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Reminders for Students
  1. You must be in full uniform to write your exams. Coats, bags and other personal belongings are to be left in your locker. Access to lockers will be permitted only before and after exams.
  2. ABSOLUTELY NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES are allowed in the exam room.
  3. Be punctual. If you are late, you must sign in at the office and obtain an admit slip. However, no extra time will be given to you.
  4.  Write your name on every sheet of paper that you will hand in, including any scantron cards.
  5. Before you start writing, read all instructions carefully. Make sure you understand the instructions and take careful note of the marking scheme. The marking scheme should help you to decide how to use your time during the exam.
  6.  Answer the easier questions first. Keep the harder ones for later. If you get stuck on a question, go to the next question and come back to the problem later. Write clearly and neatly. Keep your answers well-spaced.
  7.  Any cheating or copying will result in an automatic “0” on the exam, a phone call to parents/guardians and an interview with an administrator.
  8.     After you have completed your exam, please remain quiet in your seat in consideration of others and leave the school building quickly and quietly after you are dismissed.
  9.  Students who miss an exam and are unable to produce a valid medical certificate will receive a mark of zero for the exam.