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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Registration for Grades 10 - 12


All current grade 9 - 11 students who are attending St. Joeseph College School must register for the 2016-17 school year.  Registration will take place on Tuesday March 1.  We will be following a special schedule for this day.
The timelines are summarized below
Registration 2016-17
February 4 - 11
Grade 9 Class Visits Period 4  
February 5
Grade 11 assembly Period 4
February 8
Grade 10 assembly Period 4
February 17
Guidance presentation for students who were absent
February 17
Registration packages distributed to students
February 18
Option Fair – Open House Model
February 24
Last day for MyBlueprint course option.  Printed copy of MyBlueprint course option forms due with registration package.  Parent signature required.
March 1
Registration Day grade 9 – 11.  Special Schedule.


 All students must submit completed forms with parent sigature on Tuesday March 1.


Grade 10-12 Registration Letter 2016 2017.pdfGrade 10-12 Registration Letter 2016 2017.pdf

SJCS Registration Form 2016-17.pdfSJCS Registration Form 2016-17.pdf

Grade 10 -12 Registration Contract.pdfGrade 10 -12 Registration Contract.pdf

Grade 10- 12 Registration Contract page 2.pdfGrade 10- 12 Registration Contract page 2.pdf



Student must also submit a copy of their course selction form MyBlueprint with parent signature.