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Toronto Catholic District School Board



Parent/Guardians that are interested in having their daughter register at our school, please contact us to arrange for an appointment:

Mrs. Teresa Garisto, V.P. 

St. Joseph Morrow Park 



Course Calendar - download the latest version of the calendar

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Parent Handbook for 2016-2017 

Student Activity Fee
Each student pays a $100.00 activity fee to the school for the year. The 2016/17 activity fee covers:
  • School Yearbook 
  • Guest Speakers 
  • Student Agenda Book 
  • School Excursion Subsidies 
  • T.T.C. Discount Card 
  • Student Identification Card 
  • Course Calendar 
  • Padlocks (new students only) 
  • School Newsletter 
  • School Sponsored Activities 
  • School Newspaper 
  • Mailings (Postage)