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About Us
Mission Statement
As a Catholic school,
we wish to continue the tradition
of a Christ-centered community
inspired by the Sisters of St. Joseph.
Fostering in students academic excellence,
the desire for lifelong learning and personal growth
while inspiring them to be respectful,
just and socially responsible citizens of the world.
Our motto "The love of Christ has gathered us together" is expressed as a school community committed to the continuing educational process of developing unique persons in an environment where Christian faith is translated into action. In order to be integral members of the school community, students are strongly encouraged to participate in co-instructional activities such as sports, committees and clubs. 
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
The chaplaincy team helps to develop within the school a community of faith. It plans and facilitates a variety of celebrations and activities, and encourages outreach to those in need. Chaplaincy is at the service of staff and students in need of guidance, support and direction.
Special Education
Our philosophical approach advocates the principle of integration as part of the continuum of special education programs and services. The diversified needs of our students are met through the consultative model that involves eight steps to ensure appropriate programs for students with learning needs. This includes a school-based support team that outlines, implements and monitors initial intervention strategies and program modifications. The joint team may also be consulted to provide additional support to staff, students and parents in implementing a program to meet the diverse needs of our students. Identified students receive a pupil education plan containing specific objectives and an outline of educational services that meet the needs of the exceptional student. The pupil education plan forms the blueprint for program modification.
Students in the gifted program may elect to have their programs differentiated by altering the content in breadth or depth, in compacting or substitution. They have the option to pursue independent study, small; group investigations, cooperative education, mentorship, contract learning and modules from the personal life management guidelines. To develop self-understanding and leadership based on Christian values, gifted students are encouraged to participate in United Nations Model competitions at the local, national and international levels; Shad Valley Science Summer Programs, debating competitions, Science Centre School, Remembrance Day Assembly, organizing the school walk-a-thon to raise fund for technical equipment, and preparation of the Jaguar school newspaper.
As the needs of our students change, so will the programs offered at SJMP be adapted to respond to those needs.
Student Services
The guidance and counseling program is an integral part of the total education process of the school. The program is developmental in nature and promotes the development of a Christian community in the school as an essential element of the Catholic education process. The counselors recognize the inherent worth of individuals regardless of abilities or limitations.
Guidance activities can be described under three headings:
Career education is delivered in a number of formats--formal classroom instruction , career interest inventories, career room research, choices computer program, individual counseling and career speakers.
Beginning with the elementary schools in our area, we liaise with the students, teachers and parents. During the grade nine year extensive work is done to ensure students receive the assistance they need to succeed in grade 9 and choose the appropriate program in grade 10. Throughout secondary school students are given help in planning their educational program to meet the requirements of the OSSD and college/university programs. Counselors liaise with post secondary institutions on an ongoing basis to be able to provide students with current information.
To meet the social and emotional needs of students, counselors do one-on-one counseling, refer students to the school social worker, psychologist, nurse or community agencies as needed. Support groups are established to meet specific needs.
Other Activities 
To complement the guidance program and add another dimension, the peer helper club is an integral part of the school community. It includes peer tutors, peer ministers, conflict mediators, peers against drugs, career room helpers and Big Sisters. Special events are also organized by the counselors such as healthy lifestyle week and career week.
Please note that St. Joseph Morrow Park is a scent aware environment.  Please refrain from using cologne, perfume, or scented products during your time at our school.  We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.