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Principal's Message

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have the great pleasure of being the principal of St. Joseph Morrow Park Catholic Secondary School (SJMP). At SJMP we have a dynamic school environment where our students are eager to learn and staff are continually looking for innovative ways to further enrich learning experiences in order to ensure that we support the needs of our students. 

Since being opened in 1960 by the Sisters of St. Joseph, SJMP students have had the privilege of being educated in a Catholic  environment that strives to form strong, confident and independent students who will be well-equipped to continue on any path of their choice. We have recently opened our new school location and look forward to continuing the traditions of the Sisters of St.Joseph while beginning new traditions.  As always, though, the motto of the Sisters of St. Joseph guides us and “the love of Christ has gathered us together into one” resonates throughout our community and we want you to feel like a member of our family.

Our school offers a strong co-curricular and extracurricular program in leadership, athletics, arts and social justice initiatives.  There is no shortage of activities, and we have something for everyone.  If there is a club or activity in which a student would like to participate that  is not available, there are always staff and students willing to help with a new initiative.   

I challenge all parents/guardians to encourage your children to become involved in the many and varied ministries offered at our school and to make the most of the support offered by our caring staff. Getting involved and becoming familiar with the resources available will help to make this and subsequent school years that much more fulfilling.

St. Joseph Morrow Park is a welcoming school community in which to develop your God given talents as you journey through your high school years.  Our caring and dedicated faculty, support staff and administration strive as a community to support you in reaching your full potential. 

On behalf of the entire SJMP staff, I wish you a successful year.

Rita Leone