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Computer Science and Technology
It can be done!
This year, the Computer Science and Technology Sector will be participating in numerous competitions and events throughout the year. Last November, we participated in the annual Franklin Conference and ran four different workshops ranging from Computer Engineering to Movie Maker. Elementary School students were able to get hands-on experience with programs such as Macromedia Flash MX, Adobe Photoshop, Turing, and Tina Edison. Various students were also able to participate in the Skills Canada Video Production Competition last year. This spring, students will be competing in the Skills Canada Competitions. Our students participated in the Video Production Competition, Graphic Design, Webpage Design. IT Software Application, Desktop Publishing Competition and 2D Animation Competitions.

In May, students will be entered for a contest to the OBEA – the Ontario Business Educators’ Association. OBEA offers a wide variety of difference contests related to the Business Field of Study. We would like to congratulate our students who won regionally in the Poster Design Contest and Web Page Development Contest.
Every Tuesday after school, students are involved in the Computer Club activities. They receive information about the different contests happening throughout the year and partake in tutorials on different computer programs. Members of the club always participate in the Grade 8 Open House and design the cover page for the school agenda. In addition, we also design the program for the graduation ceremony and the layout for the school webpage.
Every Wednesday, there are Anime Club meetings that students who are interested in the subculture of Japanese Animation attend. In this club, there are also ongoing contests such as the Logo and Mascot Contest, Website Layout Contest, etc.
We are offering various computer science and technology courses at this school such as Introduction to Technology and Business, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Virtual Robotics, Animation and Technology. We are also offering the AP Computer Programming Course available for the students who are thinking of going into this field in the future.
Thank you to all my students. I am very proud of you! God bless
Mrs. Podbielska