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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Library/Learning Commons
Andrea Saunders
The library provides a quiet environment for students to study during their study period and to find research materials for their assignments.
The library hours are posted at the library. All books and research materials are signed out using your student ID card. Students are fully responsible for all books or materials borrowed in their name. All books, fines and materials must be returned prior to the examination period. Failure to do so could result in a delay of writing your exam. Students are not allowed to borrow books during the last week before January and June exams.
The following are rules for the library:
  • Students must be in full uniform.
  • No food, drinks or electronic devices are to be brought into the library at all!
  • No jackets or school bags, i.e., knapsacks are not allowed.
  • Students must sign in to use the computers. You must abide by T.C.D.S.B. Internet Policy when using the computers. Your computer usage is being monitored by the librarian. Any use of e-mail, chat lines or games will result in your computer being blocked. Persistent misuse of computer rules will result in loss of computer privileges.
  • The library is to be used for research or studying. Loud or unruly behaviour is not acceptable.
  • If a class is booked into the library, the library shall be closed for that specific period, in order to accommodate the class.
  • Photocopying/printing is available at $0.10 per page.
  • Overdue fees are $0.25 per day to a maximum of $5.00 per book.
  • Students are responsible for all books and materials borrowed in their name.
  • A maximuim of three (3) books may be taken out at any time, and overdue books and fines must be returned before any new books are signed out.
  • A maximum of two (2) books on one topic may be signed out at one time

21 Century Fluencies and the Learning Commons:

(Please stay tuned for further information...)