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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Physical Education/Drama Department
Department Head
Frances McCormick
Department Members
Cindy Kunanec
Grade 9 - PPL 101Healthy Active Living OPEN
Grade 10 - PPL 201 Healthy Active Living OPEN
Grade 11 - PPL 301 Healthy Active Living OPEN
                  PAF 301 Healthy Active Living Fitness
Grade 12 - PPL 401 Healthy Active Living OPEN
Grade 12 - PSE 4U1 Exercise Science University
 PAF 301 Hea
Grade 9 Health and Physical Education Credit:
Activity Units:
Badminton                                                                          Basketball
Dance and Zumba                                                             Fitness
Low Organizational Games                                             Speedball /Soccer
Volleyball                                                                            Ultimate Frisbee

Healthy Living and Specialty Units:
CPR Certification through the ACT foundation
Healthy Decision Making Unit
Self Defence Specialty Instruction