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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Resource Department
Department Lead
Mary Rajic
The Gifted/Enriched program began approximately 21 years ago and since the beginning it has grown and flourished. We have a rich tradition of our girls immersing themselves in the many opportunities available to them at SJMP.
The program goals are:
  1. To challenge intellectual abilities
  2. To develop and enhance leadership skills
  3. To develop independent learning skills
  4. To probe and discover new interest areas
  5. To foster generosity of spirit
  6. To enrich the student's high school experience

Some of the programs available are:
CSUNA or the Catholic Schools United Nations Assembly is held in November. Students are able to represent a country in this mock UN assembly and speak on issues that impact our global community. CSUNA is a great experience for all students interested in law, politics and international affairs. Our gifted students have a great opportunity for an active leadership role through CSUNA. We encourage all of our students to participate as delegates, shadows, chairs and Secretary-General. Check out our website at CSUNA.ORG.
The Award Program is about challenge. It offers young people the opportunity to set a personal goal and achieve it. There is no competition between participants. The only people with whom they compete are themselves. SELF-MOTIVATION is fundamental to the Program. For more information, visit their website at DUKEOFED.ORG.
This conference is held each year in February at the University of Toronto. Students attend workshops presented by the Faculty of Arts and Science and other guest speakers. There are various subject areas to select from. [e.g. Economics in Everyday Life, Architecture, Human Genetics]
This program provides gifted and highly motivated secondary students with the opportunity to study a subject of their choosing at an advanced level for one week. Course selections could include Computer Graphics, Pathology, Canadian Law and Aquatic Biology to highlight a few. We encourage our Gr. 9, 10 & 11's to save monthly for this wonderful opportunity.
AP courses can be taken in high school and can be substituted for some first-year university courses. Courses range from math to art. We currently are offering AP Biology & Calculus in Gr. 12. We are hoping to offer AP English next year and possibly World History. Check out AP Courses at COLLEGEBOARD.CA.
This program provides you with a one week experience in Ottawa, studying in various fields of interest eg. Sports & Fitness, Arts & Culture, Medicine & Health, Science & Technology, Law, Journalism & communications, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Social Sciences.
Interested in a risk-free, fun way to learn more about investing? Try your hand at one of Laurier's stock market competitions. You will experience first-hand the ups and downs of the market-all from the comfort of your computer.
Each year we visit the quaint city of Stratford Ontario. We have lunch, wander along the main street and see one of the current Shakespearean plays.
This conference is an opportunity for students to assist or lead workshops at the TCDSB Elementary Gifted Conference held each spring at OISE, University of Toronto. Gr. 9's are encouraged to participate as runners/helpers on this day. As a follow up to this activity several of our workshops were then presented to the local Gr. 8 classes. This is another wonderful opportunity for our girls to develop their public speaking and leadership skills.
SJMP has a great tradition for our debating teams. We belong to the Ontario Pro-Con Forum which has three levels: Novice [Gr. 9 and inexperienced Gr. 10's], Junior [Gr. 10 & 11] and Senior [Gr. 12's]. Most occupations will require you to speak to large and/or small groups of people and developing a comfort level early is an asset for the future.
This program is provided by the University of Toronto and focuses on the Life Sciences. Students will reside in U of T's newly built New College residence for a week and have their days packed with lectures, labs, and activities. Labs include a human anatomy lab, where students have the opportunity to learn from experience with real human cadavers. We recommend this program to Gr. 10, 11, & 12 students interested in studying the Life Sciences in the future.
Educational support is provided for students based on individual needs to ensure success. Resource services are provided for students who are formally identified through an IPRC and students who have an IEP. The level of support and accommodations are determined by the IPRC summaries, exchange of information meetings with elementary school staff, and IEPs developed through ongoing communication with parents. Each student is supported by a resource teacher. Some students will be supported by an educational assistant in class and additional support is available in the resource room during the day or before or after school. Some students may be enrolled in a Learning Strategies class.